READING: “Ripper” by Isabel Allende

ripperBlame it on the typo on page 398, but I just can’t like this book.

I am NOT a book snob. As you can tell from my Goodreads lists, I love a good mystery, crime novel, library cozy, whatever. So, I was really looking forward to Isabel Allende’s Ripper [CLICK HERE] thinking it would be a combination of genre novel and literary fiction. I don’t suppose an author who’s sold sixty million books will much care that I was disappointed. But, I was.

I finished the book five days ago and have been delaying my “review” because my goal is never to write negative reviews. Life is too short and writing too hard to disrespect someone’s efforts. So, five days later and not only do I still not have anything very nice to say, even worse, I can barely remember anything about the book. In fact, I just surfed to the Washington Post review [click here] and was surprised to read that the character, Indiana, about whom I remember almost nothing, was a main character.

I think there are far too many characters serving far too few purposes and the book seems more an experiment with a formula than the work of someone who had a passionate need to tell a story. And there’s a typo on page 398. And it just seems to me that a publisher asking $29 for a book ought to adequately proofread the damn thing.

And edit it.

Listen, please look at my OTHER book reviews. I usually am not like this. I am sorry.

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