Gym towel 2 Look, this is the SECOND time one of my towels has been stolen from my gym locker. WHO THE FUCK STEALS A TOWEL? And this is an EXPENSIVE DAMN GYM. I would use a lock but I am BLIND and can’t see to do a combination lock without my glasses – which I cannot wear in the shower or sauna – and I HATE having a key around my wrist — I mean, THESE WERE NOT EVEN NICE TOWELS. People suck SO FUCKING MUCH.

gym towel 3Gym towelgym guys 3 EDITGym guys 2 EDITIf I LOOKED GOOD NAKED I’d walk around without towels wrapped around me – BUT I DON’T — so leave my fucking towels alone and steal them from good looking younger men who are not BLIND.