Happy Birthday (2)

charlie at 3You know when your phone is buzzing all day with text and Tweet and e-mail alerts, and your dear friends take you out to lunch at your favorite Italian restaurant where you are given free dessert, and your favorite bookstore gives you a book and a card, and two of your cards have Judy Garland quotes or themes, and one of the cards quotes not JUST Judy Garland but also Oscar Wilde, and you’ve gift bags filled with wine, Broadway original cast recordings and books about musical theatre divas as well as a book celebrating the 75th anniversary of The Wizard of Oz, and Donna Murphy (yes, THAT Donna Murphy, you know, BROADWAY LEGEND) TWEETS you!, and your Mother calls and sings to you, and by 5p.m. you’ve returned home, changed into sweats, are cuddled under a blanket and have a pile of books within reach, that the following is true:

  1. You are EXTRAORDINARILY lucky in your friends and loved ones;
  2. You are going to have to spend an extra hour at the gym tomorrow;
  3. You are one of the gayest men and biggest musical theatre queens who ever lived;
  4. You have gotten quite old and you are ALMOST okay with that;
  5. Old as you are, A will ALWAYS be a year older (except when she forgets her age and thinks she’s two years older);
  6. It’s your birthday!

bday cake 2014

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