Is it just me, or is life becoming increasingly like the Paddy Chayefsky film Network with every passing day? I mean, what the fuck?

I used to teach and so I am not unfamiliar with the squeaky-wheel behavior syndrome, where the attention-starved child acts out in ridiculous ways demanding one’s energy. Best not to reward such behavior. Best to ignore it. So, I hesitate to be another blogger writing about PETA’s obviously farcical proposition to turn the childhood home of rapist and serial-man-eater Jeffrey Dahmer into a vegetarian restaurant. I should resist. I should. But there is something so utterly repulsive and yet completely in tune with the zeitgeist and my current state of mind that I can’t ignore it. BTW, PETA, having made headlines, has already dropped it, citing zoning issues.

What next? Snoopy dies? Oh, wait, already happened. Dog Sees God [click here]

Andrew and Anthony Johnson's home
Andrew and Anthony Johnson’s home

WHAT THE FUCK? Why is CNN not running 24 hour coverage of this? Why is the rest of the world NOT as obsessed with this as am I? Listen to this:

The Johnsons’ home remained empty Tuesday afternoon, and nobody responded to a reporter’s note requesting a comment. Vegetation chokes the mailbox from its base to its top. Cobwebs cling to the front and the house’s white siding.

But the front yard remains trimmed.

That fact confused others on the street when they first learned about the twins’ deaths, though some say they have since learned that other neighbors would run their lawn mowers across the Johnsons’ yard when the grass grew too high.

Many on the street knew of the twins. But they didn’t know them. They described the two men as short and stocky with thinning black hair and thick, curly beards. But few people had ever talked to them.

For years, well before the twins died, they kept their lights off, neighbors said. About once a year, 73-year-old Barbara Owens said, she saw the twins out in the yard. But they never talked to her.

Some neighbors say they feel guilty. How could two men across the street lay dead in their home for years without anybody noticing? Since she found out about the deaths Sunday, Owens keeps thinking about all those times she drove by the house in recent years, all those times she wondered where those two men were.

“I thought maybe they had passed on,” she said. “But of course, I didn’t know their names.”



I mean, a state SIGNS INTO LAW the RIGHT TO DENY RIGHTS and EQUALITY and offers its citizens the ability to use religion — RELIGION — as an excuse to HATE AND IT IS NOT REPORTED 24 GODDAM (and I chose that word carefully) FUCKING HOURS A DAY? It is AT LEAST as important as a plane disappearing — WE CAN FIND THE FUCKING CULPRITS HERE YOU ASSHOLES!


I cannot bear this. NOT helping my downward spiraling mood. I spent two hours at the gym yesterday. I made myself go. I don’t know if I can get out of this bat cave today. I don’t know. I need to get my car inspected . . . it’s way overdue and is going to cost a fortune in fines . . . and there is a huge list of other things I also should long ago have done and have not and am ignoring and  . . . NO STOP I CAN’T I WON’T TOO MUCH . . . Where is Sebastian when I need him?

Quickly. PRETTY MEN!

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