A Little Sunshine . . .

Last night was another “one of those nights” when I ended up wandering and wondering outside very late, unable to sleep, unable to quiet my mind or body; truly, rest-LESS. After very little sleep, I wakened this morning to record-setting cold temperatures for this date. I needed something to take off the chill. What would REALLY help would be if you would follow me here on this blog and ON TWITTER – CLICK HERE FOR MIRACLECHARLIE@TWITTER! Please? Spread a little sunshine, dammit.

(OH AND ADDENDUM – Whilst restless last night I was obsessing on it being the 50th Anniversary of FUNNY GIRL opening on Broadway and Streisand achieving ICONISM; view that post here CLICK ME also a little Julia Murney and Idina too –

Normally I completely ignore – on principle – any suggestions given me by Twitter, etcetera. However, this morning when I headed to YouTube to find something classical to which to listen through my earphones as I began my daily site surveying, it was suggested I might enjoy a clip of Spread A Little Sunshine from Pippin. Hmph. Somehow I doubted this.

During my career I was twice in the show, each time becoming one of those “show-thing” experiences of all-night long Pippin-ing it up in ways that resulted — as do so many show-things — in eventual unhappiness, and, later in life,  I once directed the show, during which adventure there was no Pippin-ing it up, but, rather, far too many all-night-longs involving just me, in a theatre, alone until the wee hours of too many mornings(SONDHEIM) doing sets and lights and various other shit with which one finds one’s self ultimately and exhaustively stuck when one is running a tiny little theatre company trying to do great big things with tiny little resources and great big egos fighting against you.

But, bygones. And eventually be-gones; somebody threatened to drop a house on me. Well, actually, the house was  . . . never mind. I never wanted the power those damn shoes conveyed anyway. Gave ’em to the farmgirl, no worries.

Point? Oh, right, so the YouTube suggested clip had a pic – and it LOOKED like Fastrada was being played by Julia Murney, who I love. I opened it, and damn if it wasn’t her. And damn if this isn’t my favorite FAVORITE rendition of Sunshine since Leland Palmer gave it Fosse’s original spin. Just, WOW. What a voice. I am CERTAIN this is the best sung version EVER ANYWHERE.

I know, right? Sunshine, consider yourself spread.

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