“FUNNY GIRL” is 50, too! (Not that I am)

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UPDATE ON MARCH 27 – FOUND THIS ON QUEERTY – ACTUAL FOOTAGE – HORRIBLE QUALITY BUT – WOW! If I believed in god or heaven – I would think that death and ascension involved being able to see Broadway musicals and stars I missed – and, too, ones that never happened and I just imagined – IN ANY EVENT – check here too!


March 26, 1964. FUNNY GIRL opened on Broadway [CLICK HERE].

Now, please, theatre queens, I KNOW that song was NOT in the Original Broadway Production. But it is the ICONIC number from the film, so, please, back off. Try this:

Or, this;

And surely you DID NOT think I would post about Funny Girl without posting my favorite version EVER of People by the inimitable, amazing, gorgeous, brilliant, genius Julia Murney?

And I kind of loved this too – I know – but, well, Idina Menzel from Glee – I wish I could find the scene. It was beautiful.

But this . . . never ever will anyone even come close to equaling this.


One thought on ““FUNNY GIRL” is 50, too! (Not that I am)

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