I OBJECT(ify) daily pandering pic
I OBJECT(ify) daily pandering pic

P.S. to start with . . . I broke records for VISITS and VIEWS for three days in a row this week. I would LIKE to believe it is because of my pithy turns of phrase and insights into literature, but I suspect it’s my pics of barely concealed penises and hot men; whatever works. I’m a hits whore and proud of it. Anyway – thanks for visiting my blog, thanks for sharing it, thanks for sending me pictures of your naked self – oh, you haven’t? WELL YOU SHOULD – Like this – (I know what  the people want!).

It’s Sunday. Day of rest. And I need it. I had great times with the A’s Squared on Friday afternoon, and DB on Friday night and my Greene family on Saturday night, but all these great times cost me sleep, involved alcohol and/or decadently high calorie but delicious food-stuffs. Thus, while they were a wonderful finale to a not so great week that began with that awful virus Monday, the results of which lingered long enough that I have not been to the gym since then, I am left depleted and dangerously low on endorphins and serotonin, so, I am feeling slow and low and find myself wanting even MORE of the less than healthy food I’ve been shoveling in. I am, frankly, a sloth.

I give myself today. Back to the healthy life tomorrow. In the meantime, here I am last night with part of my family, the Greene branch.

March 22 2014 2

That’s Miss Megan and Sir Patrick; Queen Susan was the photographer. We attended Megan’s college dance concert and then went out to dinner at Woodberry Kitchen in Baltimore [CLICK HERE]. WOW! One of the most beautiful, friendly upscale restaurants to which I’ve ever been and the food was simply fantastic; Fresh ingredients, lovingly and simply combined into glorious taste and textural experiences. Perfect night. And the vodka, ginger, lemon cocktail I had in a copper mug wasn’t bad either!

Lots of thoughts roiling in my head from the weekend; it’s been a long time since I’ve been to a dance concert, since I’ve seen Megan on-stage and that pushed a lot of buttons; and, too, for sad, weird reasons, I was unable to attend a theatre production this weekend that I really would liked to have seen, and the NOT being able to go there also pushed many, MANY buttons; and, too, while dressing for one of these events I found in the pocket of my jacket a collection of theatre ticket stubs spanning back quite a while, through, seemingly, a few different lives, and each one brought careening into my mind, heart, soul, and alcohol soaked brain some powerful memories and emotions with which I am not eager to deal.

So, yes. Exhaustion (again) – thus the brevity of this post. But hey, since – as Queen Greene so aptly put it last night – “Your efforts at keeping your blog entries short – uhm – you’re not trying very hard.” So, why not enjoy this week’s entries in a long, leisurely fashion on your Sunday? Or, not. I’ll be reading the New York Times. But do – please – check out my book reviews –


Justin St. Germain’s SON OF A GUN


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Happy Sunday, friends. And so as it began, so shall it end, whirled without end (well, I may sneak an end in there sometimes) forever and ever – A-to the-MEN.March 21 2014 2 march 21 2014 3 march 21 2014