I’ve had better days . . .

Monday’s virus is still lingering in odd ways. Other things are lingering as well. I’ve had better days. However, I’ve read three quite good books in the past three days. I’ve made two delicious dinners that made other people happy. I’ve made my Mom happy with a new plan for keeping her supplied with large print books. So . . . I just am missing you so much right now.


So, guess I should try to go to sleep . . .  scheduled to do the Mother-running again tomorrow. Can’t be groggy for that. What I really think I could use right now is a really hot really young guy with really low standards looking to work out his daddy issues. Or, more wine. Or, as is often the case, a combination of the two.

I have always depended upon . . . Tarantula Arms . . . what? I know what I mean.

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