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From JustJared this morning via Towelroad; No, Tommy Hilfiger, David Beckham most certainly is NOT the underwear model of the century. That title was LONG AGO claimed and remains the sole property of Jeff Aquilon. EVERYONE KNOWS THAT. And Kenneth Walsh in KENNETH IN THE (212) [CLICK HERE & PRETTY PICTURES TOO] explained this only about two weeks ago. JEESH PEOPLE – PAY ATTENTION! Jeff (I call anyone I’ve wanked to by their first names – it seems rude, otherwise) was another of the trade-tricks  Gay-icon-models picked-up discovered by Bruce Weber (here’s Mr. Weber’s website – in case you’re feeling like you’re pretty enough to live – Mr. Weber’s photos will remind you that YOU ARE NOT), who should be deified for the way he has managed to mainstream the homo-fication of ad and pop-mag editorial-photo-content in the past few decades. Or, maybe, crucified for the increase in eating disorders in gay men and the objectification and de-furring of men? Abercrombie & Fitch – need I say more? Whatever. He’s made ephebophilia into a billion dollar industry.

Speaking of KENNETH WALSH and KENNETH IN THE (212) – yesterday as I was recovering from my mysterious and vicious but short-lived virus, I spent the day huddled under electric blankets, sipping mint tea, and reading memoirs, one of which was Mr. Walsh’s WASN’T TOMORROW WONCharlie Iguana Kenneth WalshDERFUL? My dears at my local, independent bookstore – THE CURIOUS IGUANA (click here) coincidentally Tweeted me about not having seen me for a few days, wondering if I’d left the country. I explained that I was feeling a bit ill. They offered to make an emergency book delivery. I answered that I was reading Mr. Walsh. AND DON’T YOU KNOW THAT SWEET MAN TWEETED ME, ” Feel better!” If I hadn’t already been loving his book, that would have done it. But I was loving it, I did love it, and I’m going to do a full post about it very soon. IN THE MEANTIME, why don’t YOU get your copy RIGHT NOW from your local independent bookstore?

NEWS ITEM: Click here for the Fucking homophobic teacher – DAVID FOGGIN OF PARKERSBURG, WEST VIRGINIA – who posts his fucking homophobic ranting on his fucking Facebook page. I hope he gets fired. I hope he never finds another teaching job. I hope they take any children he may have of his own away from him.

DICK CLICK HERE: Oh BuzzFeed, a penis museum? Uhm let’s say I wanted to become a phallogist; would I get – you know – life experience credits for having done so much – uhm – independent study?

Enough. Pretty picture time.

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March 19 2014

March 19 2014 3

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And finally, some Bruce Weber, from here: GUSMEN: Other Sports Require One Ball by Bruce Weber

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