I OBJECT(ify)! 2014-3-17

It’s Monday. It’s snowing. Again. So, in keeping with lots of other bloggers I follow, I think I will start posting photos of men I desire. Here he is: Monday Man.

March 17 2014

I already feel guilty. I have – once again – compromised myself and distracted ME with pretty pictures of pretty men, turning them into objects and fodder for sexual (and emotional) fantasy. I think about – and worry about – this a lot; this conundrum. I want people to love me despite the fact I am nowhere near any physical ideal – you know, love me for my spirit and brain and such? Right.

We are who we are. I am attracted to certain things, and, for whatever reason, what gets me going sexually is the male body. Is THAT about objectification? Or, does the objection to objectification begin JUST when one starts preferring a PARTICULAR type of male body? I mean – was I somehow indoctrinated – and if so, how and when? I’m supposed to feel BADLY because I WANT people to keep making TUMBLRs and

Marc Jacobs

and Marc Jacobs ads and

Andrew Christian

Andrew Christian 2 Andrew Christian

Andrew Christian commercials with hot, mostly naked (or, all naked) guys? Hmph.

And in that vein; tonight, Dancing With The Stars returns. Derek is back.

Hough, Derek Sailor

I haven’t forgiven him for buying a house with Mark, though it’s none of my business since I had already dumped him when I got back together with Russell from whom I’d drifted apart once he returned to the UK after The History Boys closed on Broadway.

tovey, russell tweetTovey, Russell Jan 2014

But he’s back, albeit kissing (and OTHER things) Groff in Looking. 

Looking 2Looking 3Looking 4Looking 5Looking 6 KISS

Tovey, Groff Looking 5Tovey, Groff Looking 4Tovey, Groff Looking 3Tovey, Groff Looking 2Tovey, Groff Looking 1

So, don’t give up hope Derek. If Russell keeps up these shenanigans, maybe you and I have a chance after all. Not until you move Mark out of that house though! And QUIT flying to Russia. Have you NO IDEA how dangerous that is for gay people? Sheesh.

And then, after Dancing … another episode of MTV’s TeenWolf. This season’s “Evil Stiles” focus proves once again that gay men drive this culture. We were ALL blogging and shipping Dylan O’Brien last season – not to say – OBSESSSSSSING – and then, BOOM, he’s made into the lead of the show. AND HE’S NOT EVEN GAY A WOLF!

Sterek 9Sterek 10Sterek 9Sterek 7

Stiles 1stiles 2stiles 3

tw gif scott4tw gif scott3tw gif scott2tw gif scott1

And, uhm, the twins?

Charlie & Max Carver

Charlie & Max Carver

So, yes. I OBJECT(ify) – often and well. And if I didn’t have social media on which to do it, I would have been collecting old snapshots like these . . .

Mar 17 1 Mar 17 2 Mar 17 3 Mar 17 4 Mar 17 5 Mar 17 6

Happy Monday.

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