… oh bro … #NakedSunday … and the New York Times

Uhm … I just think it’s way easier having NSA sex with straight guys. They come. They go. They don’t want to talk about it. I’m pretty up-front with my lack of issues and interest in romance or anyone knowing anything about my liaisons or long conversations about the cultural significance of the sex – fuck it. So, I feel sorry for the whole “two straight boys” getting confused by their dicks getting hard. Dicks get hard. People want to get off. So what … all this bromance stuff gets so confusing …

… but I get it. Sometimes it’s just easier to go ahead and give yourself one of those special five finger handshakes …

johnny-walsh-gay-porn-670x446… I can’t keep straight the guys who are … well … straight? I mean, Queerty (CLICK HERE FOR STORY) and TMZ(CLICK HERE FOR STORY) both reported on this guy (photo to the left); porn name, Johnny Walsh, and Sleazy reality-show name, Shaun Sulligan, who is upset with the producers of Marriage Boot Camp because they revealed he did a solo jack-off scene and a bareback hetero scene for a site that supplies “straight” guys getting off to get off gay guys. So, let me get this; he’s MORE upset that he was filmed jacking himself off and fucking a woman than he is upset that he was filmed behaving like a sociopathic asshole to his wife? Here’s a word: PRIORITIES. And buddy, let me tell you – in case you don’t know, which I am PRETTY sure you do – “straight” guys get “gay” guys off ALL THE TIME, and are gotten off by gay guys, all the time. I could name names. But, what’s the point?

Well, the point of pretty much this whole #NakedSunday post, I think. Being naked and hot is good. And labels are a waste of breath. And sometimes, you just don’t feel like romancing anyone – including yourself – which is when it’s good to hit on another guy who gets that whole “I just need to get off” thing with NSA. So, if you are a hot naked man who would like to eschew labels and explore your bromantic side in a safe environment with someone whose sensibilities are highly evolved and has absolutely NO INTEREST in anything other than – you know – freeing you from using your hands or your fleshlight and helping you get off and then getting on with his reading and writing –

I might know a guy. HMU. I won’t tell anyone, believe me, I can keep a secret … just ask – well, never mind … that would be telling.

Now, I gotta go … it’s Sunday and the New York Times and #NakedSunday on Twitter await.

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