I’ve been waiting to get my hands on this book – Kenneth Walsh’s Wasn’t Tomorrow Wonderful – for AGES, and FINALLY, today, my dear, dear friends at THE CURIOUS IGUANA (Frederick, Maryland’s INDEPENDENT bookstore: or, as I like to call it: GREATEST. PLACE. EVER. Click here.) Tweeted me to let me know it had arrived! I rushed over (my second trip of the day there!) to pick it up.

Charlie Iguana Kenneth Walsh  And while this is a HORRIBLE picture of me (I really TRULY HONESTLY look twenty years younger and thirty pounds lighter in real life – REALLLLLLLLY!) it is a marvelous picture of THE CURIOUS IGUANA and Mr. Kenneth Walsh’s book. Listen, GET THE BOOK, and follow Kenneth Walsh. He has a site called KENNETH IN THE (212) [CLICK HERE FOR MR WALSH!] that I go to EVERY MORNING. You should too. Filled with interesting information and insights and humor.

And I can’t wait to read this book – but I am not starting tonight – because I want Kenneth Walsh to be my Friday night date – and this is the ONLY way that is ever happening.

Read it folks. And get it from an INDEPENDENT BOOKSTORE please.

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