Yesterday was Liza Minnelli’s 68th birthday. Holy shit.

This was mentioned on any number of the blogs and websites I follow – which would tell you all you needed to know about me had I not already told you ad nauseam all you could EVER possibly want to know (or, more like – NOT WANT TO KNOW – have I mentioned how not one of my relatives follows me? LOL) about me – but it was Snicks at THE BACK LOT (click here for link, great daily site, TRULY) who turned me on to Liza’s DISCO FUCKING VERSION OF STEPHEN SONDHEIM’S LOSING MY MIND FROM FOLLIESwhat? YES. Holy shit. I canNOT stop watching and listening.

Oh my. I may never leave my house again. Liza is my spirit animal. We are almost the identical kind of crazy.

Remember when there was talk of a Follies film with Minnelli, Streisand, Midler? Just talk. But, man oh man, what if that had happened? I mean, Merman and Martin got together. Why did those divas never join forces? We could have added Cher to the mix, too. HOLY SHITBALLS! WHAT A FANTASY!

Enjoy obsessing on that now. Or don’t. But, if you don’t – you may NOT be my target audience. Today anyway. When I am, as I said, CRAZY! That’s CRAZY WITH A Z!

Thank you very much, I’ll be here all week – at least. Or, I will be as soon as I am done carting around my own “Mama” – who was not Judy, but, she could sing when she felt like it.

Mom Me Feb 20 2014 judy_garland_with_her_daughter_liza_minnelli__36yNW4B4.sized

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