Arizona Embeds Homophobic Hate into Law . . . My Question For . . .

Russian Gay Bash 3My question for you: Have you seen that Arizona has embedded hatred, bigotry and discrimination into its laws and used a specious argument about religious freedom to try to excuse it? Click here and read JOE. MY. GOD. for the story about the legalization of hate.

Russian Gay Bash 7My question for those whose idea of “religious freedom”  is that it gives you permission to deny equality and thus, full humanity, to another, then, is what has so-called “religious freedom” to do with such hatred? Bigotry and denial of equality have nothing to do with either “religious” or “freedom” but, rather, once again, such actions support my long-held assertion that the fundamental damage done by so-called “organized religions” far outweighs any positive benefits.

Russian Gay Bash 6Russian Gay Bash 5Russian Gay Bash 4Not a question, but brief background about this very thing: My reasons for withdrawing from Facebook were myriad and complicated, but one of the contributing events was my own sister de-friending me. She never explained it, nor do I really care, but my guess is that it had to do with my anti-papist postings and too, I suspect, it had not a little to do with my virulent anti-Republican screeds during the presidential election.

Russian Gay Bash 2My question for people who supported Mr. Romney – and others who adhered to the Republican platform expressly denying equality to the GLBT community; that platform that advocated the continuing belittlement of not just GLBT people, but women; that party the conduct and practices of which were classist, sexist, homophobic, and racist – THAT PARTY; my question was, “How do you justify supporting a party that specifically targets me – someone you claim to love – for dis-inclusion and discrimination? And when the ultimate conclusion of that party’s actions would be my being imprisoned or disappeared or prison-camped, how will you feel?”

Russian Gay Bash 1My question for people – some who loved me very much – who thought I was exaggerating and continued to justify their Republican votes as economic (An argument that also, ultimately, fails when given closer examination, but, I’m not a that kind of writer so I will leave that to Rachel Maddow and Andrew Sullivan and those others who are.) at their foundation, dismissing so-called “social issues” as window dressing and beside the point, never likely to amount to much, was; “When does ‘amount to much’ occur for you? When my discrimination is legislated? When I’m in prison? When the anti-GLBT propaganda prompts a group of feral-teens to beat the shot out of me?”

Gays Imprisoned During Holocaust

Gays Imprisoned During Holocaust

Gays Imprisoned During Holocaust

Gays Imprisoned During Holocaust

My question for those who won’t seriously consider those questions begins with this answer: It is easier for those who have not been bullied, beaten, and denied to argue that “social issues” are window-dressing and don’t amount to much. It is why second-generation kajillionaire, Mr. Romney, could be so social-issue tone-deaf as to be building a multi-million dollar home with an underground garage including a car elevator while discussing how in touch he was with the plight of the poor, and how Mr. George H. Bush could not, during his presidency, come close to answering when asked the price of a carton of milk, and why Mr. Reagan didn’t mention nor do anything about AIDS for six years and hundreds of thousands of deaths. And the question continues with this plea; “Please, do you want, when push comes to shove, to look back on your life and see that you have been as out-of-touch and implicitly homophobic as Messrs. Reagan, Romney, and Bush?”

My question is, “You think acculturated hate as affirmed by politicians and churches and silence in the face of discrimination and acquiescence to going to Sochi to compete and eating at Chick-Fil-A and on and on and on DOESN’T EQUAL DEATH?” You’re wrong.

Matthew Shepard

My question is, how can someone belong to a religion in which its adherents justify this? Click here to read this – Gay Patient Denied Last Rites – about the denial of last rites to someone. Although, I must say, the internalized and acculturated homophobia of a man who would still call himself a Catholic when that church has done so much to destroy him is beyond me.

Gay Nigerians being marched to a lynching

Gay Nigerians being marched to a lynching

My question for those of you who are watching the Olympics: when is it too much? Where is the line? It wasn’t enough for you what Russia is doing to the GLBT community, is it enough what they are doing in The Ukraine? You can CLICK HERE to read about that.

Gay Iranian Teens being lynched

Gay Iranian Teens being lynched

Gay Iranians Lynched

Gay Iranians Lynched

My question is, now that Kansas, Tennessee, South Dakota, Oregon, Idaho, and Maine, in addition to Arizona, have floated anti-GLBT, TURN AWAY THE GAYS  bills (READ THE ARTICLE BY CLICKING HERE), when does it become “enough” for you to say “No!” These bills would not be possible had people not supported politicians who pandered to and trafficked in hate in order to win votes; people like Mr. Romney and the Catholic church.

My question for me is; How do I manage to get myself out of this DuBoisDolorsDepression I am having and do something? And what can I do? And where is my line for and with those who won’t do anything at all including admit the International Olympic Committee and organized religion and hate mongering politicians and this country’s culpability in the hate? And the resulting deaths.

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