Paisley Fields “Not Gonna Be Friends” SONG OF THE DAY (MONTH!)

A few years ago I got to realize a life-long dream by performing Off-Broadway in the Fringe Festival and had the joy of working with James Wilson. And in addition to the show, I stalked him in the evenings at the piano bar where he kindly indulged this old man and let me sit beside him on the piano bench and sing show tunes in a Manhattan boite.

He is front man of his group, Paisley Fields (FOLLOW THEM HERE ON TWITTER, I MEAN IT – FOLLOW!), and this is the new music video to “Not Gonna Be Friends” which I love – the video, the song, and James. Please watch. Love it on YouTube. Buy his music. Make him as famous as he deserves to be.

And, uhm, I wonder while I was in New York if he read my journal because this song . . . wow. Love it. Like I love all the things that make me cry tears of recognition. Great song. Great talent. Share him. Share the music.

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