More Wine, Less Whine and More JULIA MURNEY!

Darling niece and I both stocked up on wine.

Darling niece and I both stocked up on wine.

My niece and I, without knowing the other was doing so, decided we needed some wine replenishing before the coming ice storm. 20 bottles later, I think we’re good!

I needed this glass of wine I’m having because “It’s been along day, Amiable. I’m tired.”

Since I can’t burst into song on this blog as I do at almost every opportunity in what passes for my real life – that which I am ALWAYS trying to make into a musical – then I will simply quote song lyrics and on the SLIM CHANCE that you don’t know as many musical theatre lyrics as do I, leave it to you whether or not to investigate further.

Where was I? Oh, right. This morning I was in a VERY PISSED OFF MOOD and thus my earlier entry, Hate Crimes and Misdemeanors (CLICK HERE TO READ IT!), in which I was whining – AND A RIGHTEOUS AND JUSTIFIED WHINE IT WAS – about the state of hate in the world. WELLLLL . . . I went to the gym and I visited my darling A, whose birthday is this week, and we had a day I am not at liberty to discuss but suffice it to say it was not unlike THE TWILIGHT ZONE & AMERICAN HORROR STORY :COVEN & MEAN GIRLS combined and directed by Truffaut, script by Kafka, art direction by Dali. WEIRD!

But, lesson-filled. And here’s the thing, A is (as I averred on a Tweet-fest roll earlier) my SPIRIT GUIDE & ANIMAL. Could not ask for a better friend. She has made me STRONGER & taught me to love ME better. LOVE! AND gave me the courage to say, “This is my world. I don’t have to hide any more. I belong too!” LOVE HER SO! AND not only gets my JOKES, she gets my TEARS; and she lets me have both without judging.

You don’t get many friends like A in a lifetime, so bless her.

STILL – it was a LONG day and we were running low on wine at home and so I stocked up. And, you know who else did? My darling niece. Both of us without knowing the other was doing so. We got some of the same things and we now have 20 bottles to get us through the coming ice storm. 20 bottles should get us through the 24 hours. LOL.

Cheers, my friends. CHEERS! I’m going to drink and read until I get to my Colored Lights.

(And here is the Amiable answer. And some Patti LuPone)

(And here are the Colored Lights. Love, my darlings, much love. And there is hardly any BETTER love than Miss Julia Murney.)

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