Hate Crimes and Misdemeanors

Someone said to me, “But Charlie, you’re trying to deny them their freedom of religion by making them hire openly gay teachers. It’s a church. They’re entitled to their beliefs.”

I grow weary of this struggle. And such idiotic arguments. Justifying hate in that way – in any way – makes the justifier as culpable for the damage done as if they were actually wielding the fag bashing bat.


What is going on in Russia, and the ways in which the International Olympic Committee and Coca-Cola and McDonalds and other sponsors are aiding and abetting it are disgusting and despicable. Silence equals death. Watch this, from Human Rights Watch media release (CLICK HERE FOR HRW) – but be warned, it is horrifyingly disturbing. But, it seems, we need to be disturbed.

The institutionalization of hate legislation; the cultural acceptance of hate speech and behavior even (or especially) when hidden inside so-called “religious” justifications; that people find it reasonable to even say out loud that a group of people ought to be treated as less than and denied equality; dealing with such things makes me hide here in my batcave because the fact that – despite it being better than it was – it is still so ridiculously, unbelievably dangerous to be yourself – AND WORSE, that large swaths of the population are okay or even in favor of that, makes me sick.

And it’s hardly just a Russian phenomenon. There is plenty of hate-legislation in this country too. Hell, there is hate in places one would expect tolerance to reign. Read this BuzzFeed article Why is the World’s Gayest Sport Stuck in the Closet? (CLICK HERE) or this Newsweek article, Hate On Ice (Click Here).It was not unlike that in the dance world, where in competitions the judges would comment about males, “Watch your hands stay strong” and “He needs a more masculine costume” and “make sure the boy doesn’t dance like the girls” and other blatantly bigoted judgments from a group of people usually considered gay friendly. The message: DO NOT BE WHO YOU ARE, BE WHO SOCIETY SAYS A MALE IS.

And so prevalent is the pressure to conform to a hetero-normative, cultural standard of masculinity, that young gays and bisexual males are far more likely to abuse steroids (READ THE REUTERS NEWS RELEASE HERE)  – not just to conform, but also in response to bullying, and too, as is the case with women, in reaction to ridiculous body-dissatisfaction inculcated by a society in which advertisers and the entertainment industry create unrealistic expectations about what is “attractive”.

These standards being promulgated as “normal” and heralded in ways both subtle and overt, cannot help but convince – nay, brainwash – that all “other” is somehow less than. And it is epidemic and threaded, twisted, sneakily poisoning the zeitgeist. Every bro movie with a “fag” joke; every time someone says “man up”; every time someone uses words like “bitch” and “my niggah” and “that’s so gay” and on and on and on with their implied “other-ness” – and then DEFENDS their use, accuses me (or others) of being overly sensitive – well, listen and watch this next YouTube video, I beg you:

I have been that person. And even as I posted the video I hated myself for thinking – “Will they take this seriously since the guy is in a dress and wig?”

Yes. I’m just as guilty of homophobia as anyone else. And I am tired of this struggle.

Today, anyway.

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