Zeitbites Saturday … really HASTY, I promise.

First of all, and much to my amused chagrin, despite the fact that this blog was RT-ed more times yesterday and by bigger and better Tweeters than I will ever likely be, I got fewer views than I have gotten in ages. Go figure. Is it something I wrote? Or, more like, didn’t write. My biggest hits are the ones I label “big dick” – what a world.  LOL. Look, PLEASE, read my LIBERTYTOWN excerpt (CLICK HERE – NO, REALLY DAMMIT- CLICK HERE!). I’d like to know what you think. I have another 300 pages if you’re interested. ANYONE?

Okay. Now, I have books to finish (reading, I mean) so NO-BLOG-O today (can you tell I am fascinated by the new and annoying trend of straight-boys indulging in homo-erotic activities and averring “No Homo!” as they do the homo-thing? So, yeah, NO-BLOG-O! – god, do I never shut up? That’s rhetorical.)

paolo, connorWhat? Oh, here’s the thing that spurred me to typing. I was webtroling (that’s my neologism for patrolling the web, only I’ve deleted an “l” as have airports in the spelling of cancelled to canceled – because I think it looks prettier – and it means to train a sharp consciousness on webposts in order to find trends and zeitgeistian points of interest) and reading some book reviews and three times was confronted (YES, CONFRONTED) with the name “Declan” –

When the hell did Declan gain such a foothold in popular culture and how did it begin? I, myself, being I, myself with I, my own, proclivities, tendencies and taste for young men of a specific sort of tortured sort of mien, first became aware of and obsessed with the name when watching the young fellow on ABC’s REVENGE whose character bore that moniker. Connor Paolo (here’s his IMDB page). Now, everyone seems to be using it.

I don’t have time today – and frankly, since starting this, I have been busy amassing a bank of his photos and so I must hasten off (that’s a new word for it – HASTEN-off) and – you know – DO SOME HASTENING OVER –  so to speak – but when I DO have time, I am going to look into this Declan thing. It’s like the Dakin thing I noticed (and did quite a lot of Hastening to, as well) when Dominic Cooper played the character in The History Boys and I saw him in his tighty-whities on Broadway. Alas, Russell Tovey (over whom my Hastening is well documented) did NOT appear in his tighty-whities in that show. He was Rudge. I love that – RUDGE. Perfect.

cooper, dominicTovey, Russell in Brando modeI have to go. Hastily to hasten. Later.

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