SHOES! (and books)

It’s been a day. Into which I won’t be going at the moment. Here’s what was good . . .

My back has REALLY been bothering me when I go to the gym. Turns out, I haven’t had new running/exercise shoes in five years. Someone suggested this just MIGHT be the problem. What I consider the problem is that such shoes cost way too much money. BUT TODAY – whilst waiting around in the favorite store of all of the area’s senior citizens as my Mom birthday shopped – I found a pair for almost no money at all. Snatched them up. Had the good sense to try them on first, and, I don’t know HOW this happened, but I wear one size larger than I used to?!? WHAT? It isn’t a fluke of this pair either, it was the case with every pair I tried on. Damn. Anyway, here they are.

New Shoes Jan 2014

Now, like I said, rough day. So, having saved SO MUCH on shoes, it only made sense to use the savings to pay a bill buy books. I went back to my friends at Curious Iguana on Market Street in downtown Frederick and got two novels I’d read about and wanted to add to my pile of TO BE READ.

Books Jan 30

And now, I am just waiting for 7p.m. so I can uncork the wine and down the bottle a glass. Later.

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