jessica-lange-sarah-paulson-american-horror-story-covenI have loved every season of American Horror Story. Like children, each was quite different with its own unique blessings and foibles and glories and – I suppose – shortcomings. But, as far as I am concerned, Ryan Murphy is a genius. And, in some very strange and haunting ways, my doppelgänger.

In brief; when he made Popular, I was at the start of my dealing with adolescents terrorizing the world and being, somehow, responsible for them. When he put Glee on the air, so many of its story lines reflected the experiences I had had as a young thespian, and even more, the experiences I had had as a teacher, and most of all, the way he used existing music to illuminate and limn a new story was what I had been doing in my productions for years.Murphy and Peters crop

Then, American Horror Story. The first season obsession with old haunted, memory filled, trapped there houses was like my Libertytown; and the second season obsession with the strangely supernatural and Catholic symbolism – puhlease – my life, again; and this season, the power of the female spirit and the poison that can come from female power gone mad – oh my. And, Jessica Lange, who I have worshipped since Frances; and Sarah Paulson, who is the next Jessica Lange – it is almost torch passing; and Evan Peters, who is just – well, Ryan and I seem to have the same taste in young men.

Tonight, when Evan Peters character, Kyle, killed the character, Madison, played by Evan Peters’ real life lover, Emma Roberts – it was exactly what I would have done. And when he said – during the killing – “You’re not that good an actress.” Well, that is not only the sort of thing I would have done – it’s the sort of thing I repeatedly DID, using shows I wrote to serve as life lessons and hints for the people for whom I wrote the shows. Evan, listen to Ryan, dump Emma.

AndreaBUT THE VERY BEST THING ABOUT THIS SEASON, and why it was my favorite, was that my dear, dear, dear A, allowed herself to be nagged into watching. Every week, she, far out in her country home, and I, here on the outskirts of the burb, would text furiously back and forth throughout the show – often at the same time, the same line, same comment. I love me some A. Such a dear, dear friend – it is difficult to believe we have only known one another for such a short time, because it feels as if we have been approaching becoming Supreme together forever. Treasure.

So, I will miss AHS:COVEN and impatiently wait for October and the next season, but even more, I will miss the crazy, finger numbing, deliriously hilarious texting that A and I did through each episode.

And, honestly, Evan Peters ass.Evan Peters Coven 2Evan Peters CovenEvan Peters Coven 4Evan Peters Coven 3

I mean, who wouldn’t?