“What is a week-END?” Time. Another collective hunch.

Dame Maggie Smith, Indeed.

Dame Maggie Smith, Indeed.

Monday morning. I haven’t worked a Monday through Friday job in decades. The arts-world required a mostly seven-days-a-week sort of life with an emphasis on weekend activities, performances, all day and night rehearsals. And freelancing is a “do your thing when you do your thing” kind of life, while house/pet sitting is often a Thursday to Sunday night sort of thing. Point being, I’m not schedule driven. Week. Weekend. It’s all the same to me.

So, why do Mondays STILL seem as dreadful to me as they did when I was a health-insurance-auditing-drone? Am I stuck in some brainwashed time pattern? I have, for decades,  theorized (babbled on about) time being another one of those culturally accepted assumptions into which most of us buy, to, I think, our great detriment. I’m firmly in the camp believing that linear time is an illusion, an artificial measure we’ve imposed on our reality in order to make it digestible, to break it down and label it into convenient bite-sized pieces. But, in truth, as Jane Wagner and Lily Tomlin said of our reality, our idea of time is nothing more than a “collective hunch.”

So, I guess then, once again, I’m an innovator! Ahead of my (illusion of) time! And this whole techno-connecto-working outside the box- living semi-off the grid- via-grid-pseudo-matrixy – whatever the hell this life I’ve made  is of non-conformist, experimental, experiential, don’t believe anything without investigating it through to its source sort of life – proves me either a very forward-to-the-future kind of person.

OR, screw it, maybe I’m just a fogey throwback to English manor upper class sort of world, all Downton Abbey, in which the inimitable Dame Maggie Smith said as the Dowager Countess, “What is a weekEND?”

Either way, doesn’t answer why I hate Mondays.

DOWNTON ABBEY (& the damn dumb Grammy Awards)

Speaking of Dame Maggie, she was rip-roaring on last night’s episode of Downton, to which I switched after the first hour of the perfectly horrifying Grammy Awards. I’ve always been a Tony Awards boy myself, second Sunday in June. Other than that, awards shows I can pretty much take or leave with the Grammy Awards being a show I almost never watch. I wanted to see the Macklemore – Queen Latifah – Madonna performance while multiple weddings took place thing – and it was touching, although I had thought the “surprise” would be Latifah finally acknowledging her sexuality, but, whatever. The best thing about the Grammy Awards were the Tweets that people sent, especially Neil Patrick Harris (who was there) and Ronan Farrow. Click on their names to go to their Twitter pages and see their feeds from last night. Funny guys. Made funnier still by the fact that the show was SO AWFUL I was FORCED to have two glasses of wine  – which is the first alcohol I’ve had in over a week – and by “two glasses” I mean goblets large enough to drain half a bottle.

But I digress, the Dowager Countess saying to Cousin Isobel, “I wonder your halo doesn’t grow heavy. It must be like wearing a tiara around the clock.” Was that line EXPRESSLY written to get a rise from the gay queens who fan-alize this series? And, in response to Cousin Isobel’s passionate involvement in her causes, “Wars have been waged with less fervor.” Oh my. Yes. I want to be Dame Maggie when I get old. Well, okay, older. Speaking of being a fan-alizing queen who’s older, could we please have some of that legendary English-man(or)-on-man(or) sex? I mean, when oh when is that delicious piece of ginger candy, Alfred, going to REALLY get cooking? English. Gay. Same thing. And Matt Milne who plays Alfred is – well – look –

Matt Milne as Alfred in Downton Abbey

Matt Milne as Alfred in Downton Abbey

Matt Milne and Claire Latham in in the obscure Tennessee Williams (YES! Tennessee Williams!)  short-play, Green Eyes

Matt Milne and Claire Latham in in the obscure Tennessee Williams (YES! Tennessee Williams!) short-play, Green Eyes

Let’s have some WANK, Mr. Fellowes. I had to search London papers to find a pic of Mr. Milne unclothed. REALLY? Aptly enough, unclothed as a character in an obscure Tennessee Williams short. Read about it here. Remember, Mr. Fellowes, what you did with Ryan Phillipe in your lovely Gosford Park?

Phillippephillippe, ryan cruel intentions closephillippe, ryan 54phillippe, ryan 54 2

Okay, none of those were from Gosford, but mentioning that was a great excuse to post Phillipe’s ass.

It’s Monday, a person needs a boost.

Speaking of Monday boost and naked boys – see how those two just fit together PERFECTLY – it’s Teen Wolf night and it seems we are finally getting some Keahu Kahuanui and Charlie Carver action. WHAT IS WITH THESE SHOWS AND THE LACK OF GAYSEX? If I want a lack of gaysex, I have my life, I don’t need it in my TV! Get busy boys!

Teen Wolf Jan 2014Teen Wolf Jan 2014 2

Hope your Monday has a boost or two. Time to finish my spinach shake and head to the gym.

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