Obsessions: Jeff Bark, Artist

This post inaugurates a new category of entry, but one that will be all-too-familiar to those readers who actually know me: MY OBSESSIONS. Every so often I happen across a writer, a song, an artist, an idea, a person – and become crazily focused on that thought, thing, human in an effort to understand everything about it/them. I want to explore every angle, memorize the details, imitate and memorize (thank you Joni Mitchell, one of my ONGOING obsessions) until I have exhausted the possibilities (or scared the person away – no names).

Today, it is Jeff Bark. Click here for his website: JEFFBARK.COM

I can’t find anything about his personal life, though I have tried, except that he was born in 1963. His work is so saturated with color and meaning, I cannot stop clicking through it. My favorite collection – right now – is Flesh Rainbow – in which my favorite pieces are “Pretending I’m There Instead of Here” and “Everytime A Friend Succeeds, I Die a Little” – neither of which could I find to post – but here – look at these:

Bark, Jeff All That He left from Flesh Rainbow series Bark, Jeff from Woodpecker 1 Bark, Jeff from Woodpecker 2 Bark, Jeff from Woodpecker 3 Bark, Jeff from Woodpecker 4 Bark, Jeff I Have Fun Wherever I Go from Flesh Rainbow Bark, Jeff Jesus Kicks Back Bark, Jeff The Hour I First Believed from Flesh Rainbow Bark, Jeff Vive la decadence Barks, Jeff Lucifer Falls Plate 5

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