Sunday briefs … second pair …

So, I am reading – surprise – again – making it through PILES and PILES – but when do I get to put these aside and get back to the novel I started last night?

naked guy reading

Adam Sternbergh’s Shovel Ready (CLICK HERE TO READ MORE)? Hmmm?

Sternbergh, Adam

He’s hot, right? Which makes the reading even more exciting. That’s just how shallow I am.  Read the first 50 pages last night – after 2a.m. however – so, eager to re-read and move forward. But on this, my second day wrapped in blankets in my basement, bat-cave combo room-office hiding place – I am getting a little lonely-ish. I really REALLY miss my dog.


Yeah. That’s what I miss. I think I used to be better at solitude before this whole constant connectivity became an option. Now, with Twitter and e-mail and texting and such – if I am NOT beeped/buzzed/whatever-ed every so often – I feel as if I am less than real, have been techno-disappeared. So I Twitter-troll, checking the feed of the MANY MANY authors, publishers, agents I follow – and people I know or once knew (most of the people to whom I regularly speak are not on Twitter – oddly – in fact, yesterday, I got a response from a friend to a Tweet I sent BEFORE Thanksgiving – asking whether they were coming through town) and – wow – this sort of semi-dystopian new-reality I’ve made for myself (meaning – lots of people who thought they loved me decided that they really didn’t and I was okay with that) has done me a world of good, because now when I see “happy” and “celebratory” Tweets or techno-media postings from people who might – in some versions of reality – be thought of as having been part of events or actions that caused me pain – I actually sort of glow with an energy of, “Oh good, s/he’s happy and doing well.”

Which always takes me by surprise, because I used to live in some hurt place. So, yay for me, dystopian-sort of-enforced-sort of learned and embraced solitude has made me more loving and embracing. Wow, as I suspected, getting AWAY from people is the key to liking people again.

And having those thoughts, I Tweeted:

  • I love happy tweets from ppl who don’t like me; when i can sincerely celebrate their joy i know my love was real


  • No good has EVER come from wishing others ill – it’s that whole “i’m rubber, you’re glue” kiddy playground taunt trope. don’t do it.

And both of these managed to accumulate “LIKES” – which, you know, in technoworld means I have not, somehow, disappeared. LIKE!



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