BEFORE THE ACTUAL POSTI am FINALLY going to get my first tattoo. (MY LOVE OF TATTOOED MEN IS WELL DOCUMENTED – CHECK THIS POST – ONE OF MY MOST POPULAR, CLICK HERE: SEARCHING FOR MEANING  IN TATTOOED LOVERS)My really good dear friend, C, texted me yesterday and said, “COME ON -Let’s do this when I’m home – get your designer together and we’ll go.” SO – uhm – I need help with my design. I have a word I want wrapped around my arm, but I want the letters all entwined in a viney, veiny, flowery(?) design so it doesn’t just look like a word – SHOULD I DRAW THIS MYSELF OR GO CONSULT? HELP? (Here was a tattoo I THOUGHT I wanted once in post: Okay … My Tattoo … sort of – CLICK)

Okay – Frigay. I mean – well –

This is what we do – “we” being those subversive “OTHERS” that places like Russia and the Republican party are so eager to disallow and demonize – WE LAUGH. Happy Friday.


First, Broadway stars respond – well, sort of – to Russia’s ban on gay positivity in musicals. Wow – I am not as big a theatre queen as I thought because I KNOW I missed some people but these I got before the credits rolled; but MARY TESTA!, Victoria Clark, Andrew Rannells, Michael Urie, Danny Burstein, Andrew Lippa, Jackie Hoffman, Barbara Walsh, Michael Ceveris, Joanna Gleason, Roger Rees, Harvey Fierstein, Stephen Schwartz, Harriet Harris,  Stephanie Block, Laura Benanti, Rebecca Luker, Laura Osnes,

If you don’t have the patience for all 11 minutes (and you should, it’s divine) then you MUST go to 6:55 and watch Block and Benanti for 1969’s Russian Space Lesbians Duet and too, to 7:45 for Russian Broadway Beltresses, and HOLY MOTHER OF GOD AND THE BLESSED TRINITY OF MARY MARTIN ETHEL MERMAN BARBARA COOK GO TO 9:10 FOR JONATHAN GROFF AND THE SECOND COMING, THE SAVIOUR HIMSELF, JEREMY JORDAN!

I hate Jonathan Groff. The fact that he got to be sung a love song by Jeremy Jordan; that he got to rub Jeremy Jordan’s chest and hold Jeremy Jordan’s hand; that he got to rest his head in the PROMISED LAND OF JEREMY JORDAN’S LAP – I mean, WTF? He already had Zachary Quinto. THAT WASN’T ENOUGH?

Okay, then I found this GAY SHAMING STORY (and link to Instagram here site) on BOY CULTURE, which I daily check, a site curated by author Matthew Rettenmund.

gay shaming

Even funnier are Matthews ideas for other gay-shaming signs, in particular, “I don’t know how many inches long my dick is” – although, more appropriate would be, “I don’t CARE how many inches long your dick is” – OR – “The only stat I want to know is your IQ” – but, I digress –

And when Ellen DeGeneres met Elias … oh my goodness, SO AMAZING! Watch this … I laughed, I cried, this makes me so happy. Please let him stay this happy his entire life and not let the world and art and adulthood get to him … I used to be THAT KID. Look at me now.

And, oh, Davey Wavey and his WICKYDKEWL YouTube Channel (CLICK HERE) posted “Ask Your Doctor About ‘Gay Away'” –

I love Davey. One, he never wears a shirt – which is something to which I aspire in my next life – well, actually, I’d settle for just being confident enough in my body to take my shirt off in the light, any light. Two, he did another vid about not being an AGEIST dick-twink-ass-gay – go Davey!

Speaking of body image and taking my shirt off . . . Funny story. Well, maybe not. But, when I got up this morning – way too early – I am having nightmares again – anyway – I did what I always do, threw my legs over the side of the bed and moved to nearby couch where I put my clothes (I sleep naked – FYI TMI) and groped for socks, sweats, etc and dressed. THEN, I turned on a light. And started laughing. EVEN WHEN I AM BY MYSELF, I dress in the dark.

And, now, the obligatory sexy men I can tag as “big dick” so I get a million hits. Yeah. That. Here’s the ARTY one:

Art January 24 2014
From ART FOR MEN, click on pic to go to site

And along with the tattoo theme . . . Dec 31 2013 december 31 2013 jan 24 2 jan 24 3 jan 24 4 jan 24 5 jan 24 6 jan 24 7 jan 24 8 jan 24 9 jan 24 oct 31 2013 2 oct 31 2013 3 oct 31 2013 tattoo oct 2013

Sascha Kooienga

Ryan McGinely's BRADLEY
Ryan McGinely’s BRADLEY
Ryan McGinley's KENSIE
Ryan McGinley’s KENSIE
Ryan McGinley's SHANE
Ryan McGinley’s SHANE
Ryan McGinley's TOM
Ryan McGinley’s TOM

Library Art 2

Happy Frigay, my friends.