I Had To …Weekend Book Buys … I am a curious iguana (fan)…

Well, I asked for help. I pleaded with you to stop me. (CLICK HERE FOR THE BIBLIOMANIA POST) No one did. And here, in this photo, the results. I BOUGHT THREE MORE BOOKS TODAY!

Books Jan 24 Curious Iguana CROP

But it’s OKAY. Really. See, I was having a really STRESSFUL day – one of those, “Nobody loves me unless I’m doing something for them. Everyone takes me for granted. WahWahWah” sort of days. So, I went into the reasonably new independent bookstore here in Frederick, Maryland called THE CURIOUS IGUANA (click here for their website)

Curious Iguana article Curious Iguana LogoWELL – Not only did I buy the three new books pictured above: Armistead Maupin’s The Days of Anna Madrigal, Adam Sternbergh’s Shovel Ready, and E.L. Doctorow’s Andrew’s Brain – but the amazing and lovely clerk, Marlene (or so it says on my saleslip) signed me up for the Frequent Buyer Club. When you spend $100, you then get $10 off. And PLUS that, Marlene talked to me, shared what she was reading, listened to me hysterical babble – I was in a big race against the clock, had to be somewhere I didn’t want to go and was rewarding myself – and she helped me find what I wanted – and helped me decide between the Doctorow and another (I won’t name – because I don’t want to hurt another book’s feelings – I’ll buy it eventually) and she made me feel smiled at and appreciated and SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL BOOKSTORES! You can follow CURIOUS IGUANA on TWITTER HERE (CLICK) and you TOTALLY should.

Now, I have to get back to my reading. I only stopped to go searching through piles for a bookmark I wanted and along the way I found the torn off cover to the script for a show I once directed and was in, on the back of which was written a note to me from someone who had worked on the show, who I no longer know – if I ever did, really – and it took me by such surprise – that such a thing was in that particular pile and place, and to unexpectedly come upon this note – I lost it. I burst into sobs. So, I had to write this post, because I needed something happy about something that has never left me, has always been there for me – my books, my love for books, the way they love me back.

And so I will read all weekend. I am SO BORING. But, you know, better my books than to ever again get written a note by someone I love and trust and would be under a bus for (and was) who will, later, be driving the bus I’m under. So, bring on the blankets, EarlGrey, and my lovely new lovers – ALL BOOKS!


One thought on “I Had To …Weekend Book Buys … I am a curious iguana (fan)…

  1. Always glad to have enthusiastic customers come in to talk books, especially on a day when the heating is off! You can be assured of a warm welcome anytime at the Iguana by any of the lovely bibliophiles who call it home away from home. 🙂 Hope you’re having a lovely weekend in with your new friends Messers Maupin, Doctorow and Sternbergh!

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