Snow day, naked 18 year old men, and chocolate … not as good as it sounds …

I work from home, so the ten plus inches of snow we are getting doesn’t get me off any hooks. In fact, when there is work to be done – the snow sort of ruins all my procrastination options – which include going to the gym for hours at a time and carting around my Mom. Both of those were out today and so I really had NO LEGITIMATE EXCUSE for not working on the chocolate thing. Yeah. An investor-y packet-y something or other. It qualified as “technical” which meant I had to actually research and find numbers and facts and shit like that. It was REALLY difficult and its few pages took me FIVE DAMN HOURS. I cannot tell you how many words I can USUALLY accomplish in five hours, but BELIEVE ME, a lot more than I did with the chocolate thing.

I started at about 10am and didn’t finish until 5:00pm. I know, that is seven hours. I had to take A LOT of breaks. During which I did what I usually do … trolled websites. And too, what I don’t usually do, watched the snow. I love snow. Anyway … here it is … the snow. And the troll-results. (Not the chocolate shit, that, believe me, you would not want to read.)

snow jan 2014 2

tweet jan 20 4

snow jan 2014 3

tweet jan 20 3

snow jan 2014

tweet jan 20 1

tweet jan 20 2

But, yeah, snowed in, naked men, chocolate – it should have been better, right? Oh, and this article about an eighteen year old, high school senior, Robert Marucci – professional name, Noel, who was kicked out of school because he made pornos for Sean Cody (CLICK HERE FOR STORY). WHAT THE HELL?

noel sean cody

Noel sean cody 2 EDIT Noel sean cody 3 EDIT

If this country was any more sex-phobic, we’d all be pretending we never had sex – OH WAIT – lots of us do. Get over it. I say we should be encouraging 18 year olds at their peak of attractiveness to be making pornos. Go wild, kids. I wish I had a record of myself at my optimal attractiveness – well, not that that was all that optimal or attractive – BUT STILL . . . okay, gotta go and read a book before it’s actually night time … this chocolate work wore me the hell out.

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