Verizon and Samsung Galaxy S3 saga … continued – BOYCOTT SAMSUNG!

I am so exhausted by trying to deal with Verizon and Samsung, and disgusted with myself for allowing such a first world problem to become such an issue for me. So what, my phone doesn’t work? I have a place to live and food to eat and I am warm and content; why is this SUCH A HUGE EFFING DEAL TO ME?

Long story short, the Charge Port on my phone is defective. I searched the issue and found it to be common enough with the Samsung Galaxy line that there are discussion boards about it and YouTube vids instructing how to order and solder a new port into place. Well, uhm, yeah, not me.

No-VerizonI went to Verizon on Sunday, January 12. Since I bought the phone sixteen months ago and did NOT purchase insurance, and it was out of its one year warranty, they claimed they could do nothing and NO, I could not upgrade until September of this year. I explained my problem with this. Nutshell:

If you force me to sign a two year no-upgrade agreement in order to purchase the product at a reasonable price, then I should reasonably be able to expect that said product will FUNCTION for the two years you insist I keep it.

Your explanation that it is a manufacturer problem, not a Verizon problem, is a specious cop-out. You are in partnership with the manufacturer. You are the retailer of the product. The product purchase is part of the contract you’ve forced me to take if I wish to have service at a reasonable price.

Much sympathy spoken, no help. Until clerk suggested I wait until Thursday, January 16, when open enrollment for insurance kicked in and then I could start paying another $10 a month but they would send me a replacement phone. I said, “All on the same day?”  She assured me that yes it would all happen on Thursday and could all be done by phone. I re-stated my objections about having to insure something to protect myself post-warranty when that something was a product they FORCED me to keep for two years. Again – I should REASONABLY expect said forced purchase to FUNCTION through the life of its forced contract.

No dice. Suggest I call Samsung.

I suggest MANY THINGS, all politely, on Twitter and in my blog. VerizonWireless “Help” picks up on this and starts Tweeting me. Finally they call me. BUT ALL OF THE TWEETS AND CALLS RESULT IN “You are out of warranty we will do nothing” – but they are freaking because I keep Tweeting and writing about it – and so they keep saying “We want to help” – BUT THEY DO NOT< THEY JUST WANT ME TO SHUT UP – because they do NOTHING to help. They keep saying, “Call Samsung.”

Okay, well, Thursday comes and by then I am so beaten down and defeated I purchase the insurance ONLY TO BE TOLD I CANNOT REQUEST A REPLACEMENT FOR 30 DAYS!

samsung_galaxy_s3_mini_header1I am infuriated. I determine to contact Samsung. I do.

BIG MISTAKE. Samsung is WORSE than Verizon. I never thought I would EVER type such a sentence but – there it is.

I explain my situation to SAMSUNG person number one. He takes me through any number of hoops so he can “access me remotely” – which I suggest I am not terribly thrilled with. He insists it is necessary if I want help. I give him this and that number and we are off – to the place where he tells me that I am out of warranty and in order for Samsung to do anything they will need a repair payment and me to mail them the phone. I explain – now to them – why this warranty talk is beside the point. The Charge Point is a well documented manufacturing flaw. He says, “We don’t consider it one. I know nothing about it.” I suggest he search it using the name of the product and “charge port issues” – he suggests that it is possible to find anything on the internet if you look hard enough and so it means nothing. I suggest he give me his supervisor.

He does. Supervisor continues the party line. I ask supervisor to explain to me under what circumstances Samsung WILL consider this port issue – this WELL DOCUMENTED WELL KNOWN charging port issue – a known problem. He cannot or will not. I ask how many “known problems” there ARE with their phones wherein they do NOT give this “out of warranty – your problem” speech. He says he does not have access to that information. I suggest he give me to someone who does.

He does. I am now at Level 3, apparently. Same story, however. I am losing patience and CHARGE. My phone is dying as I am speaking and being on hold and everything else. I request that this fellow REPEAT the reasons why they cannot and will not help me unless I give them a charge card number, and that there is NO EXPLANATION for how to elevate a KNOWN ISSUE into something Samsung admits and takes responsibility for and he tells me “We do not have the ability to send you an email.”


I suggest he give me to someone who does. He insists there is NO ONE at Samsung who will send me an email or tell me anything other than what he is telling me. I suggest he connect me with the main office in Korea and allow me to talk to the CEO of Samsung Mobile. He says he will put me on hold and get HIS SUPERVISOR. Two or three minutes.

Five minutes later he returns. “Sorry, still looking.”

Back on hold.

Fifteen minutes more. No one. Not even him. I do what they want of me, hang up.

So, I turn my phone off last night because it is almost dead and the only way to charge it is to hold the cord in the port, pushing and jiggling until it hits just so and continue to press as it charges – so I try to conserve the charge. There was about 30% left. This morning I go to turn phone on and lo and behold, it won’t even come on. It will flash “Samsung” and begin its little song and graphic of waking up – and then – ABRUPTLY – stop and go black. IT WILL NOT TURN ON OR CHARGE AT ALL.

Apparently, REMOTELY, Samsung destroyed me completely.

I am losing it. Verizon tweets me again in response to my desperate late night “please kill me” tweet. I head to Verizon store to talk to the person who told me I could get insurance and request replacement all in one day. She is not in. I have to explain the entire thing to the guy at the door who then types in my number – a move I am CERTAIN will result in the arrival of a Swat team. I have to wait 20 minutes. Hunter comes over. I explain it all AGAIN – including my theory that Samsung has long distance disabled my phone – he smirks and shrugs and says:

No-Samsung-Galaxy-S-III“All a miscommunication about the insurance. I’ll order you a replacement. It’ll be delivered Tuesday.”

WHAT? I have spent somewhere in the neighborhood of ten hours since Sunday explaining and fighting and arguing about this and all of a sudden – Hunter – at least the tenth person to whom I’ve talked this week – takes care of it all in thirty seconds?

Even though I STILL believe I am being ripped off – I should NOT have to pay $10 a month MORE to insure a product that ought to work AT LEAST AS LONG as I am forced to have it. I do NOT understand why this concept is foreign to Verizon and Samsung. If you say a phone is worth $700 and so valuable a treasure that in order to have it at discount I must agree to keep it for two years then YOU SHOULD WARRANTY IT FOR TWO FREAKING YEARS!

How is that difficult to understand?

I’ll tell you this much, when September comes and I can upgrade, I will NEVER AGAIN purchase a Samsung phone nor any other Samsung product. Their so-called customer service people were the rudest, snarkiest, most ridiculously ill-informed, reading from a computer screen, automaton, party-line quoting liars I have EVER encountered – and putting me on hold so long I hung up is the oldest trick in the “f.u. customer” book. Inexcusable.

At least Verizon kept trying to placate me – I mean – they did NOTHING for me – and they now are getting $10 a month more from me – which is like ransom and blackmail in my opinion – they’re like the freaking Techno-Mob, making me pay protection money for things that OUGHT TO BE INCLUDED.

I continue to hate Verizon – and will likely switch come September. But I hate Samsung EVEN MORE and am now on a crusade to get everyone to dump their products.

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