Need A House/Pet Sitter This Summer? Book me NOW. Dates going FAST!

charlie and luckyIf you want me to watch your house or your pets this summer, better hurry.

Today I am headed into what pass for the mountains around here to meet a family (people and animals) to whom I was referred as a house/pet sitter. I don’t advertise so I get all my gigs by referral. Which is really nice. Before I take a booking, I need to meet the people and the pets and make sure we all have some sort of empathic connection.

What else is really nice? These folks want me for the summer and heard how quickly I get booked. It’s true. I was pretty much living in someone else’s home in 2013 from the last week of May through the first week of October.

It’s not easy finding someone who is – well, what’s the word – “mature” – meaning, I am older and boring and once upon a time had my own home – although after the fact and according to sources who are never wrong no matter how wrong they are, I was delusional about that and really had NOTHING to do with that home, but why cavil now – the thing is, I have a great deal of respect for the property of others. I also have references from a minister; a school teacher; an international traveler; an artist; a business mogul; and  . . . well, I have good references and I bring my own wine.

My checklist for a stay: clean house, four bars on my phone, reliable wi-fi and coffee maker, easy to understand fuse box and water/plumbing system, and most important, the house has to resonate with a feeling of happiness. If there is discord in the family or the people are distrustful, I can feel it right way and I have evolved to a place in my life where I’ve come to understand that no matter the money or perks involved, being around bad energy is NEVER worth it.

It also helps if the house is close to my gym. Details.

In any event; if you want me, BOOK ME NOW. Dates going fast.

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