I NEED YOUR HELP – please Tweet/Contact Verizon Wireless and Samsung – please REBLOG this and share it on Facebook and Twitter and everywhere else you can – I am FURIOUS with Verizon and Samsung and I WANT MY PHONE FIXED/REPLACED NOW!

So, I still do NOT have a phone that will charge! If you didn’t read yesterday’s blog about my misadventures at Verizon, click here to read.


I Tweeted my unhappiness to Verizon and Samsung, and while Verizon continues to SCREW ME, they AT LEAST answered me. Samsung hasn’t even BOTHERED to respond. Go follow me on Twitter Here to see the Verizon exchange. But here it is, in a nutshell.

ME: I post a Twitter link to yesterday’s “I HATE YOU VERIZON & SAMSUNG: blog.

VERIZON: (2 hours later) I truly understand your concern and providing such thorough detail. May I ask do you have a spare device available?

ME: (1 hour later) No. Unfortunately, I do not.

VERIZON: (3 hours later) Thanks for the info! Are there any other lines eligible for upgrade? If not, go to

So, I did go there. It is a site where people who refused to be blackmailed into purchasing the TOTAL EQUIPMENT COVERAGE or EXTENDED WARRANTIES on the already usuriously priced equipment bought from Verizon can consider PURCHASING (yes, PURCHASING)”certified”  Pre-Owned Replacement devices – although there is no Samsung Galaxy S3 (wonder why) and all the phones equivalent to mine require new two year agreements or cost ridiculous amounts of money.

AGAIN I SAY -WHAT THE … let me be clear. Verizon Wireless sells me a product in partnership with Samsung which has been proven to be faulty and when I turn to them for relief from this, they want me to pay additional money and contract for additional time in order to get any relief? This is BEYOND MY COMPREHENSION.

Samsung has made a product which is KNOWN TO HAVE A FLAW. Verizon Wireless has sold me the flawed product. NEITHER OF THEM WILL DO ANYTHING ABOUT THE FLAWED PRODUCT WITHOUT ME GIVING THEM MORE MONEY?

This is – I don’t – I can’t – WHAT IS WRONG WITH THESE PEOPLE?

I beg you – please RETWEET this and SHARE THIS and CONTACT VERIZON SUPPORT HERE and  SAMSUNG HERE and tell them to remedy this situation for Charlie Smith NOW! For EVERYONE – NOW!

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