samsung_galaxy_s3_mini_header1Here is the thing: my Samsung GalaxyS3 will no longer charge. It’s a problem with the port. It’s a problem I have found documented ALL OVER THE WEB.

I went to Verizon to get it fixed/help.

I should have known better.


First of all; the phone has a one year warranty which expired in September. Four months ago.

Second of all; I didn’t buy insurance on the phone so Verizon won’t replace it.

Third; even if I had and they would – they only do replacement phones BY MAIL, they don’t have them on site.

Fourth; I am not due for an upgrade until September of this year. Eight months away.

Fifth; Insurance Open Enrollment begins on Thursday, at which point I can agree to pay ANOTHER $10 a month and that day have them ship a new (i.e. NOT new but refurbished) phone to me.

Sixth; since this CLEARLY made me unhappy, I was offered the Samsung number and the suggestion I call them and explain what was wrong (pretty sure that they, like Verizon, know what is wrong since it is DOCUMENTED ALL OVER THE WEB that the phone has this problem) and see what they’ll charge to send me the part BUT Verizon does NOT take phones apart or repair them and since replacing the part requires a tiny soldering kit – PRETTY SURE I DON’T KNOW HOW TO DO IT NOR HAVE THE EQUIPMENT!

OKAY, now look VerizonWireless; I get that you are NOT Samsung, so NOT the manufacturer of the phone – HOWEVER – you have made me agree to a two year contract when I buy the phone THROUGH YOU – pretty sure you get a cut – and if you are not going to allow me to upgrade for two years without huge penalty then YOU should stand behind the phone for those two years.

OKAY TOO, VerizonWireless AND Samsung; the trouble with charging port on this model is WELL DOCUMENTED and WELL KNOWN as evidenced all over the web and so – a RESPONSIBLE manufacturer/supplier and partner would – when someone comes to you WITH THIS WELL DOCUMENTED PROBLEM have a procedure in place to HELP THE CUSTOMER.

This is a rip-off, this is immoral, this is why huge corporations such as VERIZON and SAMSUNG are so widely hated by so many.

I am annoyed unto furious about this situation. I use my phone to text in touch for various work needs as well as being on-call for a number of relatives and troubled friends who need me to be on-call – WHICH I NOW CANNOT BE BECAUSE MY PHONE WON’T CHARGE BECAUSE OF A DEFECTIVE PORT THAT NEITHER VERIZON NOR SAMSUNG WILL TAKE THEIR RIGHTFUL RESPONSIBILITY FOR –



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