… relationship news … not mine, of course … puhlease …

I am happily ensconced in one of my favorite house/pet sitting gigs. I love this house. I love these animals. I love the people who live here. The energy is wonderful, loving, affirming, and creative. I write and read TONS when I am here. I wrote about it the last time I stayed in early December (CLICK HERE TO SEE PICS.) I’m back. And I still wish this was MY HOUSE, but, if it can’t be mine, good fortune that it belongs to a dear friend and I sometimes get to borrow and pretend.

AHS evan & emmaSpeaking of good friends, my dear Brian just sent me a Tweet about Evan Peters having proposed to Emma Roberts. (CLICK HERE FOR THE STORY) Brian knew how this news would make me scream. In fact, the only text in his Tweet other than the link was: “uh Ohhh” – which is hilarious and loving and perfect, kind of like Brian. I would be MORE upset about this, but I know Ryan Murphy. I feel CERahs evan crazyTAIN the only reason Mr. Murphy hired Ms. Roberts for this season of AMERICAN HORROR STORY:COVEN (which – by the way – comes back TOMORROW NIGHT – I am so damn excited) was so that he could keep a close eye on her and make sure that Evan saw the error of his ways. Clearly, if Emma assaulted himahs evan in pieces once, she will do so again. Evan needs an older man to look out for him and show him the Light and the Love, and, as it seems with much else in the Universe; If I can’t (don’t get to) do it, Ryan Murphy can (and does.) Yes, someone will need to be there to put him back together after she breaks his heart and who Peters & Murphy Editknows what else?  I have confidence that Ryan Murphy will be on the job – but, if he isn’t, I am SURE I will be available.

Now, in BETTER relationship news – meaning, that which does not ruin but rather affirms my fantasy life; Lily Tomlin and Jane Wagner married on New Year’s Eve. (CLICK HERE TO READ) How thrilling is that? I feel sure my invitation got lost in the mail. I still consider Ms. Tomlin’s Academy Award nominated performance in Robert Altman’s “Nashville” (CLICK HERE FOR THAT YEAR’S NOMINEES AND WINNERS) to be one of the best ever captured on film. ily-Tomlin-Marries-Partner-Jane-Wagner-on-New-Years-Eve

Lee Grant  won that year for her turn in “Shampoo” – and I am a huge admirer of Ms. Grant, but I think the voters couldn’t choose between the genius of Ronee Blakley and Lily Tomlin – both in “Nashville” – and so Ms. Grant, wildly deserving of all accolades throughout her career, won that year by default. In any event, another of the greatest nights of my life was seeing “The Search for Signs of Intelligent Life in the Universe” as written by Ms. Jane Wagner.

Such genius. Such connection. Such a sampling of the intelligence IN the Universe, channeled by these two brilliant women. May they enjoy many more years of happiness.

Zora-Neale-Hurston-9347659-1-402And speaking of genius, Happy Birthday to the brilliant author, Zora Neale Hurston. It was three decades ago when I ran away from home (one of the times I ran away from home) and landed in New Haven in a gorgeous apartment in a seedy neighborhood a few blocks from Yale. I hung out where the Eli-types gathered, trying to fool people into thinking I was somehow connected to the college, and while doing so I discovered the work of Zora Neale Hurston – who was just then enjoying a renaissance and rediscovery. A course about her was being taught at Yale and thus all of her books were prominently displayed in the bookstore where I most often loitered hoping to find . . . “friends”. Find one I did while I was flipping through Hurston’s “Their Eyes Were Watching God” (CLICK HERE TO READ ABOUT) and he asked if I was enrolled in the course. I was young and foolish and would do anything to get into the khakis of Ivy League boys – which I had so far NOT managed to do – and so I lied and said I hadn’t gotten in because I’d waited too long and it had filled but I was buying the books anyway because I thought her a genius and had left my copies at home in MarylHurston Eyes Were Watching Godand and missed them. I bought the book. He bought the lie. And while he -my first Ivy League trick – lasted only about a week, I forever had Zora Neale Hurston’s genius. And I feel I have her to thank for that khaki-ed, privileged boy’s beautiful, aquiline sculpted face and entitled ass briefly being mine.

Come to think of it, he looked something like Evan Peters … whose ass is now engaged to someone other than me … damn. And my copy of “Their Eyes Were Watching God” is in storage … much like my ability to sustain a relationship … let alone for 42 years as have Ms. Tomlin and Ms. Wagner … but, okay … I can’t ever have 42 years now … that doesn’t mean I can’t have someone with an ass like Evan Peters, does it? Arghh . . . evan-peters-spitevan peters underwearevan peters frontevan peters assahs name game

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