… reading … and big dicks … again …

ReaderI am making an effort to jump-start my mind. Turning off all electronics for twelve hours a day, spending a specific amount of time reading and writing, and committing to blog more about books and literature. However, this doesn’t mean I’m going to be slut-shamed into cutting back my posts about naked men and sex. I like naked men and sex. I am constantly horrified by this culture’s fear of sex and the ways in which that fear – inculcated by a long-standing patriarchal-heteronormative bias against anyone but privileged white men having any sort of freedom (please don’t get me started on this) – infects the thoughts and behaviors and pronouncements of even those who consider themselves liberals. And, frankly, confessing my own ADDICTION to the patriarchal-heteronormative cultural bias about being successful and POPULAR – I get WAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYY more hits on any post labeled “BIG DICK” (or any variation thereof) than I do with any post about “books” or “popular culture” – so, best of both worlds here … a naked man with a book. Happy Monday. (And where can I find me one of those?)

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