Your intrepid cultural zeitbiter went back on the grid for the so-called “holidays” and got all social and friendly and shit … but now it’s time to disappear again … and some Republican nut-job is leading the way? WHAT?

code cody charlieMy “holiday season” ended last evening when I had dinner with Cody, after which he left town to return to his regular life. I suppose, now, I need to get back to mine. I’ve another house/pet sitting gig starting Tuesday (but I’m woefully under-booked after that … call me … I’m uber reliable and animals – unlike people – love me, and best of all, I bring my own alcohol) and I’ve the writing projects and submissions to which I must seriously return and … I am ashamed to say I have fallen out of my daily gym-going and into bad eating habits and already it shows.

Too, there is a long-ish list of things – practical, need-to-do things – to which I must attend that I really should stop putting off. Things like, my Samsung GalaxyS3 won’t charge without me jiggling, juggling and constantly adjusting the power cord. A Google search tells me this is a not uncommon problem. I am going to have to self-medicate myself enough to venture into a Verizon store; about which I am understandably wary as the last two such exploits nearly landed me in police custody on assault charges. I also need some major repairs on my car, at least one of my tires needs air every few days and there are various belts and leaks and electric things I am told require attention. There are also larger “to do” issues, many of which involve unavoidable contact with other living human beings and, frankly, any social intercourse with other than a very select five or six people which does not occur anonymously, quickly, clandestinely, without trading names, with a happy ending and with no promise of future meetings, well, I’m not really interested . . .

However, instead of doing any of the things the general population would think I ought, I am blogging. Zeitbiting. Today’s juicy menu follows.

WAIT…I’M HEADING INTO THE BACKWOODS WITH A TEABAGGERPARTIER? .... I NEVER thought I would EVER agree with ANYTHING Roscoe Bartlett did or said, but a cabin in the backwoods of West Virginia and living off the grid does not sound that bad to me (READ THE POLITICO ARTICLE HERE) … until, of course, one wants to get on-line or do a CraigsList hookup – at which point, well … surely there must be some backwoods Hatfield/McCoy-Deliverance type good-ol-boy so horny gender doesn’t matter buds with whom I could hook up. Right?

franco james nude franco7BOYS WHO PRETEND TO LIKE DICK … OR, PRETEND TO LIKE YOU LIKING THEIRS …. JAMES FRANCO AGAIN … I feel as if the fascistic heteronormative cultural brainwashing is easing up – and surely in the backwoods of West Virginia it would be less about such labels and more about the paucity of opportunity, right? I have always thought that if we weren’t so fucking indoctrinated (or so indoctrinated about fucking – or, rather, NOT fucking) by a throwback patriarchal desire to definitely determine who sired whom and who “owns” whom that we would not have fetishized and demonized sex and would all have had a lot more of it in a lot of different ways. I think James Franco is a sort of pioneer in that – although he does, at times, emanate the same sort of patina of cock-tease energy that some other predominantly heterosexual guys I have known toy with: they do this touchy, feely thing and talk constantly about their cocks and sex and invest a LOT of energy in making sure you are attracted to them and know how horny they are and they are always dangling their dicks and their possibility that maybe sometime, you know … sort of thing and that, I find (have found) disturbing. More disturbing than that cock-tease and needy “please find me attractive” thing they do, is the thing SOME OF THEM do LATER, after the fact, when after having semi-seduced you and used you to erecticize their self-esteem, they then TRASH YOU to others for having found them attractive and RESPONDED to their constant come-ons . . . oh well, still … here’s Jimmy’s latest little lovesong to man on man love over at GAWKER (CLICK HERE).

Joe Jonas BaldBECAUSE “JOE JONAS COMING OUT” IS MY BIGGEST SEARCH HIT AFTER ALL THE VARIATIONS OF BIG DICK … THIS BITE OF THE ZEIT … this pic Joe posted (I guess he posted?) which I just saw via BuzzFeed today of him bald with pussy … wait, there ought to be something, some better play on words about “bald/balled Joe Jonas petting a pussy” or …well CLICK HERE FOR BUZZ FEED STORY

AMAZON – WTF – POWER MAD AND HOMOPHOBIC (AND NOW FOR THE DAILY OBLIGATORY MOSTLY NAKED MAN POSTING)… I was cruising DUDETUBE (which I do every day) (CLICK HERE FOR DUDETUBE) and there were photos of models from a book called “Boys & Dreams” by Leslie Kee. I go to Amazon to find it and see what it costs and lo and behold, it’s not there. Amazon makes it REALLY DIFFICULT to find a lot of gay themed stuff – there have been complaints before – I am complaining AGAIN. And worse – Kee’s hetero-photo-work IS there. Come on people. (HERE IS A REALLY PEEN-FILLED LINK OF KEE’S WORK) Below is a sampling of the book.

Boys & Dreams Leslie Kee coverBoys & Dreams Leslie KeeBoys & Dreams Leslie Kee 2Boys & Dreams Leslie Kee 3Boys & Dreams Leslie Kee 4

SO HERE’S SOMEONE WHO IS DOING WITHOUT AMAZON . . .  and lo and behold, one company determined (CLICK HERE TO READ THE ARTICLE IN PUBLISHERS WEEKLY) that after being repeatedly undercut by Amazon, they would remove their products. I have to admit, I have an Amazon addiction … but I do also patronize the local bookstores and I have a personal moral rule that any book I “discover” in a bookstore, I buy IN THAT BOOKSTORE, rather than head to my nearest electronic device and order there . . .

And so, that’s it for this morning . . . I might add that whilst composing this I was drinking a healthy concoction of baby spinach leaves and protein powder and blackberries and almond milk made in a juicer-y-blender-y thing. And if I can really REALLY pull myself together (and away from the books I’m reading) I might actually head for the gym.Franco Instagram

franco and thugs franco brothers 5 franco dave nudeOkay … that, like James Franco (or any of the boys I knew like him) actually having sex with me as opposed to cock-teasing, is a VERRRRRRRRRY LOOOOOOOOOOOONG shot.