… synaptic leaps of joy …

Last night I drank champagne. As I sipped it I thought, “I simply adore champagne.”Naturally, the next leap was to the sentiment, “It is divinely decadent.”

Thompson, Kay

Kay Thompson in “Funny Face”

If you know how I got from start to finish (and it’s not where you start, it’s where you finish: Shirley MacLaine, The Apartment, SeeSaw, Tommy Tune, Barbara Cook, You Can Get There From Here – can you follow THAT synaptic path?) then I wish you would be my friend so that we might sip champagne and leap the light synaptic together!

The thing: the syntax and the sentiment of “I simply adore champagne” made me think of Eloise. Many folks think of the Hilary Knight illustrations but for me it is all about Kay Thompson. (SEE EVERYTHING ELOISE AND KAY THOMPSON AND HILARY KNIGHT HERE) Miss Thompson was the epitome of the svelte, soignee sophisticate with whom I imagined I would spend my life. We would toss about witty bon mots and drink to excess with no effect, and everyone would desire us: Our Company, Our Companionship, Our Approval.

Thompson, Kay bookMiss Thompson was rumored to have invented the word “pizazz” and in addition to her legendary nightclub act (“not just an act, and experience”) she worked as vocal coach with all the MGM greats – including Judy Garland who made her Liza Minnelli’s godmother. It was Liza on whom Eloise was modeled. And so, you see, it was a short synaptic leap to the Sally Bowles line as purred by Liza Minnelli as no doubt instructed by Miss Thompson when Miss Minnelli filmed the musical “Cabaret” (I’m now sitting alone in my room, from which perch I can see “Liberation: Diaries 1970-1983 of Christopher Isherwood who was, indeed, a camera in ways I will never be) directed by Bob Fosse – another of the types with whom I thought I’d be cavorting throughout my life and …

You see how this goes? So many connections. Such fun to live in my mind and make these leaps. However, now I can’t decide WHERE to focus my attention. Do I re-read some old Isherwood? Search YouTube for snippets of Kay Thompson in “Funny Face” or her nightclub extravaganza? Watch “Cabaret” and fall for Michael York again? Or … spend hours on the Kay Thompson website (CLICK HERE IF YOU’D LIKE TO DO THAT – IT’S RAWTHER FASCINATING!)


Hell, why don’t I call up my Kay or Liza or Fosse or Christopher and hit a bar for some champagne sipping and the tossing of bon mots to and fro? Both champagne and bon mots are frequently described as “sparkling” which is an interesting synaptic connection … oh dear … this is all rawther sklonkingly exhawwwwsting … I think I really better skibble over to my bed and have a rest for my brain.

Happy happy leaping to you … and if this makes sense at all … please call me. Especially call me if you might be the Don to my Chris … or the Nicholas to my Colin … if you follow … would pictures help?

A SINGLE MAN GIFisherwood being painted by bachardyIsherwood Chris and Don

Yes, if you do follow, well . . . that would be just darling!

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