… twas the night before the night before and . . .

I’m heading out to stay with two dog friends today for two nights, after which I’ll move to a new location to stay with one dog friend, during which I will be heading to New York for a day with one of my dear ones to see “The Glass Menagerie” and the final performance of “Big Fish”. So, very busy next week.

And – frankly – I am looking VERY forward to the quiet moments of couch sitting and bedrest with my dog friends. Some silence will be nice. Not that I don’t love being with people and not that the crowds or the season have been awful, but, I do like my peace and quiet and routine.

I have been eating entirely too much and gymming entirely too little. I feel unfit. So, I need to do a few things today before I head to my doggie friends, and I am going to try to talk myself into one of those things being stopping in at the gym for an hour or two on my way. We shall see.

Paul Cadmus

Paul Cadmus

However, much as I would LOVE to think I’ve the discipline to go work out – and much as I have missed the locker room – the truth of the matter is, I will more likely end up heading to dog sitting with a bag of books and skip the gym entirely.

Paul Cadmus

Paul Cadmus

I actually have a book about the period during which Paul Cadmus lived and painted and the crowd with whom he ran and created a world.  I STILL think I was born at the wrong time.

Paul Cadmus as photographed by Carl van Vechten

Paul Cadmus as photographed by Carl van Vechten

Read all about him by clicking the photo. Gotta run. Well . . . running is probably out. But, gotta GO.

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