… such beauty and truth … i love people who “get it” …

Every so often there is something so perfectly “right” and in tune and attuned with what I am feeling and knowing and living that I am convinced we are all connected and I am given again to believe in … whatever it is one calls it … that something greater … and how often those somethings come (for me) in the form of music … here is one …

It’s Bette Midler and she wrote this … “Come Back Jimmy Dean” – listen:

Isn’t that gorgeous? The lines that moved me most (then and now):

  • ...and everyone’s lonely cuz everyone’s free…
  • …all our loves are loved and gone / our hearts all hung with rust / golden girls and lads all must / like chimney sweepers come to dust …
  • … i have no expectations but occasionally … i need someone … you were someone … come back jimmy dean …

Isn’t it beautiful? And such truth. What a talent.

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