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This morning while perusing Brain Pickings (CLICK to visit site, it’s quite informative) I read a quote from Voltaire:

“Uncertainty is an uncomfortable position. But certainty is an absurd one.”

It struck me. So, I began to Tweet it in my “anything I find striking must SURELY be of interest to the two people who actually FOLLOW what I write or Tweet, right?” However, as I was typing I started missing my antique volume of “Candide” which I only bought because I wanted to see how close to Voltaire the creators of the musical (which Wikipedia calls an Operetta – I think not – read here) stuck. And then, as that thought bounced around my synapses I started to wonder which of the many credited and uncredited lyricists was responsible for “Glitter and Be Gay” and started searching. I found this article (CLICK HERE TO READ) indicating that it was not librettist Lillian Hellman nor lyric contributors Dorothy Parker or John Latouche or Stephen Sondheim or even composer Leonard Bernstein, but, indeed, Richard Wilbur, the Pulitzer Prize winning, second Poet Laureate of the United States. I found this amazing to know and started researching HIM about who I knew almost NOTHING – and he is still alive (Richard Wilbur Wikipedia page here). Yes, a man who knew Hellman, Parker, Bernstein, Latouche, et al, and was there for the birthing of “Candide” – how I wish I could meet him (and Mr. Sondheim.)

In any event, what all this resulted in was the following Tweet:

“Uncertainty is an uncomfortable position. But certainty is an absurd one.” Voltaire. “Glitter & be Gay” Voltaire via

And while I was in my Twitter a-tweeting, I saw the following photo posted by James Franco:

franco and thugs

I LOVE it – my obsession with Franco and his easy access to thuggish types, his ease with all sorts of energies and sexual games and tensions and what that says about the zeitgeist and the fact that the world is now so wide open and accessible that I can spend a morning researching a Poet Laureate musical theatre lyricist AND looking at semi-shirtless Franco shots. Amen.

Happy Holidays. And, listen to “Candide” if you never have.




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