After that last post this morning (CLICK HERE TO READ IT AND SEE A HALF NAKED MAN’S SELFIE) about Marine members and cookies and holiday shit like that all teaching me how to smile again – I made a trip to the gym and then came home and finished the last batch of cookies (HOOOORAYYYY!) and now I have begun a YouTube kick and looked up Betsy Wolfe and Adam Kantor in Jason Robert Brown’s (CLICK HERE FOR HIS TWITTER – really, you should)  “The Last Five Years” because someone whose taste I trust told me I should – ages ago actually – and holy HOLY HOLY SHIT!!!! LISTEN TO THIS!!!!

Is that not amazing? Such weeping I have been doing. And smiling while doing so. And now, this.

Good goddess diva of all things LuPoneEbersoleMurphyPetersMcDonaldMermanMartin – you go Miss Betsy Wolfe. I am in musical theatre love … you know, like Vincente was with Judy (did you read my blog this morning – CLICK HERE if you didn’t dammit!)

Did you read it? Good. So, I started OBSESSING then on finding clips from the filmed (now filming?) version of “THE LAST FIVE YEARS” because it has Anna Kendrick and Jeremy Jordan – and – in case you didn’t know – I am OBSESSED with Jeremy Jordan (many MANY posts about him and SMASH like THIS ONE where he’s naked and this one where I’m naked – not really) and I CANNOT FIND ANY OF THE SONGS WITH HIM SINGING – so I started looking at other songs by other writers he has sung and … well …from “SMASH” his first song, “Broadway Here I Come” –

And then I remembered Miss Hudson’s “I Can’t Let Go” and how it struck me when first I heard it – and so, here you go – you’re welcome:

Which then reminded me of Tom and Kyle at the piano in the middle of the night, and young Kyle saying to jaded, older Tom, “Sometimes the truth is too hard, sometimes you want to remember things better than they actually were.” And then Tom sings VIENNA to him. Click on the picture for it – but I warn you – so moving – oh god – and if you’ve ever dated/loved someone younger – it’s even worse:

SMASH Tom-and-Kyle

CLICK PIC to hear Christian Borle as Tom sing “VIENNA” to Andy Mientus as Kyle . . . but be ready to weep

And – OF COURSE – once I started in with “SMASH” I couldn’t finish without Megan Hilty – divaQUEEN – doing “THEY JUST KEEP MOVING THE LINE” – to which I have wailed and screamed my way to hoarseness SO MANY TIMES as I was driving to and from the gym. Hilarious. Me, not Megan. LOVES IT!

Happy weekending friends . . . tomorrow I’m going to my first “family event” (other than funeral events) since the last time – which I pretty much swore would be the last time since I was judged to be a horrible person and even texted cross country to be told so – in a story line that ONE MORE TIME – had nothing to do with me – you know, they just keep MOVING THE LINE …. please … it’s all good … see, I’M SMILING!


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