… zeitbites Monday …

Once more unto the breach … as Shakespeare had Henry V say … another day and I must rally the troops of all myselves or batten down my hatches or once more fake the feeling or one or another cliche or idiom or idiot trope quote meant to fortify me against the slings and arrows of the not so slow and oh so steady dissolve into decrepitude. I am – have been – always – struggling with the “Why” of it all, of everything and I meant to write at some length about the holiday party I attended Saturday night at which I was given a woman’s phone number, twice invited to social occasions with one other person, those two both hoping to foment a relationship of some sort with me – both women, adopted as a “new best friend” two more times – both women, told my glasses were beautiful twice – both by women, and told I was extremely handsome and sexy – by a woman. I also was threatened with physical harm – something about knocking my teeth out and beating the shit out of me – by a man. And thus is life. Tomorrow is my aunt’s birthday. Ten years and I still miss her. Come on decrepitude, it’s time, when my social ineptitude rears its ugly head again and I am – once more – in that same position I was in when a youth where I can get along with almost any woman and cannot manage to get through an evening in public without getting a death threat from a man, well, when all I can manage from a man who actually knows my real name is a death threat, it feels like maybe . . . time to dissolve.

urs fischer 1urs fischer 2urs fischer 3urs fischer 4

Urs Fischer, Untitled, 2011 … four pictures paint four thousand words.

And here, the gratuitous male flesh objectification for the day …

dec 16 2013 gratuitious flesh

3 thoughts on “… zeitbites Monday …

  1. No worries … we had both been drinking and I was pushing his buttons, and while his response may have been socially inept and inappropriate, so was the goading I was doing – thinking I was being witty – and, clearly, in his mind, I was not. I missed that social cue and was responsible for his reaction and I apologized for my behavior and we had another shot of SilverPatron and it was all good. In fact, I had a very wonderful time at the party and – unlike me – didn’t even realize I was out so late and had to be corralled at 3:30a.m. for the exit. All good.

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