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Since last night (see this morning’s post – CLICK HERE) my thoughts about loss and abandonment and isolation and sadness and change and all that sort of thing have been kicked into high gear. When I write (which is should be usually almost every day sort of anyway) I romance the muse in various ways: reading – or, rather, re-reading Didion and Parker and the like; doing the morning blog as a warm-up; or, most often, trolling the blogs and sites of others. I have been drawn today to images of disaffection and solitude, pain and tormented lives, waste and decay. So, of course, I had to share. Although I don’t know why I bother as THIS POST: WORDS TO THE WISE (CLICK HERE)


– the ever popular big penis in the Calvin Klein tighty-whities CONTINUES to get ridiculous amounts of hits every day. I should just re-post it regularly. Which I guess I have just done. Still, here are some others.

winter wonderland 2Gregroy Harris Photog Wasted Youth for 10 Men Magazineviolenceold boyfriends 2stigmataold boyfriends 3slit my throatold boyfriends 4old boyfriendsold boyfriends 5

And in my trolling electronic social media strolling through the annals of ennui and anomie and languor I discovered Walter Pfeiffer, photographer (CLICK HERE FOR MORE OF HIM AND ABOUT HIM) and became fascinated by his images that tell tales of Narcissus and male identity. Beautiful. All the images below are his.

walter 1walter 4walter 6walter 3walter 2walter 5


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