… BigFish on Broadway, HERE I COME! …

11pm last night I got a call.

Most of the phone calls I have gotten in the last few years have been from threatening lawyers or people promising in rather unpleasant detail what will happen to me if I don’t immediately surrender payment. Or, tragic news.

Thus, when I saw that it was my dear C – who I don’t think has EVER called me, nor I him, we text – I was terrified.

But, he wanted to make sure that I was available December 29th to see the final performance of BIG FISH on Broadway.

Can I JUST say that since my treasured aunt, Sissie, when I was a child took me to a Broadway show, this is the FIRST time ANYONE has EVER planned and taken me to a show. THE FIRST TIME. I am ecstatic.

Even more ecstatic because I love LOVE LOVE the work of Andrew Lippa and my “go-to” music the past few weeks has been the CD of his “I Am Harvey Milk”

AND … because native Fredericktonian, Bobby Steggert, is one of the stars of the show.

Steggert BobbyI don’t know Mr. Steggert, and despite my long and storied history, never worked with him when he was a child coming up in Frederick – although it seems EVERYONE I know did – LOL – but, nevertheless, ever since I saw him starring with Audra McDonald in “110 In The Shade” – and realized, “Oh, he’s that kid from Frederick and he is pretty much a genius!” I have been a fan. So, I am very excited to see him in this – I’ve been listening to bootlegs of “YANK” for ages and can’t wait until that CD comes out too.

So, how happy am I to have this unexpected gift given to me? Extremely. I had given up hope on seeing “Big Fish” and I had stopped considering the possibility of living a life where I was the one being taken to a Broadway show instead of the one sending someone to Broadway. Thank you, Universe.

Speaking of December 29th; I am scheduled to be dog sitting then, and I will be, but I’ve gotten a cover for that day so I can go to Broadway (I love typing it that way) – so, someone else will be staying with my dear Judah that day. I love my Judah, and I loved my Sophie, his sister, who, sadly, had to leave us yesterday. I will miss her dignity, her breeding, her class, and her sharing in the Bacchanalia that she and Judah and I indulged in each time I stayed with them. And for my dear, dear A, who had to say goodbye to Sophie, I can only send as much Love and Light as I have inside to help you through the worst of this loss. Such loss never really ends, I know too well, and I am here for you in any way you need.

Sophie, by car, and Judah, lounging. My people. Early afternoon, before the evening TEEN WOLF bacchanalia.

Sophie, by car, and Judah, lounging. My people. Early afternoon, before the evening TEEN WOLF bacchanalia.

Farewell Sophie. You are missed.

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