… Miss Betty Buckley explains grace and miracles (for MiracleCharlie) …

The journey of life can seem a twisting, turning, sometimes torturous path. But that is, ultimately, all illusion. The secret – the Miracle – is the discovery that the journey is about learning to see, to relieve the blindness into which we are seemingly born – or, learn very early. We must finally forget all the silly things we come to misunderstand so that we can remember how to look upon all that is without the filters and distortions of all the illusions we are taught along the way.

Illusions. Distortions. Our shapes. Our skin tones. Our genders. Our ages. Our classes. Our intellects. All those things we use to separate ourselves from others. Illusions. The only thing that is real is the core of Love and Light within all of us, a connection we all share, we all are that One.

Sometimes we are blessed with grace. Amazing Grace. Listen:

We must achieve Grace; that is the only journey and it is one step inside our hearts. The step is personal, and, I think, happens in different ways to different degrees for all of us. For me, its map has always been displayed in theatre – musical theatre mostly – and in the voices of those who sing recognizably from that place of Love and Light.

Like, Miss Betty Buckley. She has been iconic throughout my life. From my early days earning my musical theatre fetishist card by acquiring a bootleg recording of “Carrie: The Musical” and experiencing Miss Buckley’s soulful, painfully, heart-breakingly honest performance until – years later – when I, myself, sang “When There’s No One” and thanks to that, did that summer in New York playing the fringe.

And in between, there was that time when I was able to go to New York and see her in the final week of her run in “Sunset Boulevard” and – hours after – still floating on the cloud of having experienced her genius therein, ran into her in the alley as she left the theatre and became a weeping, incoherent, unable to speak differently abled mess of a man with whom she was infinitely patient, clearly understanding how her performance had touched me without me having to say a word – which is good, since I couldn’t – and she said to the crowd, “Does he belong to someone?” And did not let go of me until I had been taken hold of by a friend, no judgment. Such Love and Light. And I have twice seen her in concert as well. And I listen to her CDs and watch her YouTubes whenever I am in need of some of that musical connection.

Spend your day watching Miss Buckley: her connected from the Love and Light rendition of “Amazing Grace” – making it an anthem of learning to see, learning to believe, once blind. Bless Miss Betty Buckley and all the other angels on earth who bring such joy and Love and Light through their work to the world, to all of us out here in the dark. And take it from someone who has long been nicknamed (another story another time) MiracleCharlie, that ability – that gift – is a miracle.

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