… i’m fine … really, i am …

I’ve started and discarded many posts in the past week or so. Not because they were awful or sad or anything else, but, just because I am having some difficulty finding anything to say that seems to me of interest to anyone else. I know that sounds odd coming from someone as navel-gazingly-introspective as am I, who believes we all filter reality and all that is through our own perceptions and so all that is worth writing about is the personal, BUT, I know what I mean by saying I can’t seem to write outside of something that belongs only in a journal.

I'M FINESo, I’m working on it and for those of you still checking in daily – and apparently it is rather a larger number than I had previously thought – I thank you, and I will be back soon. Right now, having some difficulty reading and writing, and so I am spending three plus hours a day at the gym, running, biking, elliptical-ing (?) and just generally cardio-ing myself toward – something?

Be back soon.

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