… beautiful days … beautiful people …

The past four days have been pretty beautiful.

Sunday I saw a friend, home for a brief college break, spent a beautiful, fun, over 21 evening together.

Tuesday I saw a friend, now a fantastic mom of a child who is not that far from the age she was when first we met, and we had a beautiful, grown-up conversation.

Today, from out of the blue, get a fantastic good news text from a gentleman from New York who had returned to Frederick to visit saying, “I would love to see you.” And we had a beautiful few grown-up hours, he is living the life he told me he would live when I first met him, a youngster barely having entered puberty.

Three people I have known since they were mostly children who have grown up to be beautiful (I love that word today) people, adults, full of joy, full of wisdom, full of life, and full of love for me – which I return without reservation.

I love it that I managed with some of my “children” to maintain connections, and that they have become such honest, delightful, loving, amazing, giving, loyal, forgiving, much cherished friends in my life.

Thank you, C and J and K; you’ve TRULY made these past four days (and many other days in my life) quite BEAUTIFUL for me.

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