… what? CHINA BEACH is on DVD?

china beachWhen I win that Publisher’s Clearing House $7000 a week for life – or publish a book (and it sells) – right after I go to New York and see every Broadway show there is to see, and London for every West End show, and Italy – for the gigolos – and get new tires for my car, and get the muffler fixed (two people have stopped me on the road to tell me it’s hanging off the bottom of the car – I don’t see it) I am buying “CHINA BEACH” on DVD from TIME-LIFE.

china beach dana delanyI have been waiting FOR FUCKING EVER for this to come out on DVD. I LOVED THIS SHOW SO MUCH. I cried EVERY WEEK. Dana Delany – screaming genius. WHY IS SHE NOT A MOVIE STAR? Okay. I need to go to bed. This is clear (see previous post) but before I do – I need to link the SUPREMES singing the themes song: REFLECTIONS!

One thought on “… what? CHINA BEACH is on DVD?

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