I can just barely contain myself. I have a million things I ought to be doing but I am out of control, all existential ADD in anticipation of tonight’s premiere of AMERICAN HORROR STORY: COVEN ((OFFICIAL WEBSITE CLICK HERE)).

COVEN Bates, Murphy, Lange COVEN Farmiga, Murphy, Peters

Yes, it’s the genius, Mr Ryan Murphy. In top photo he’s with Kathy Bates and the Queen of all Things, Jessica Lange. In the next photo he is with Taissa Farmiga and my future ex-trade-trick, Evan Peters ((click HERE for his AHS official BIO – he doesn’t mention me, of course)).

Evan Peters. Oh, Evan Peters. Wait, did I type that out loud?


I’m moving to L.A. and stalking him. I will find him! I’m behind every bathroom stall door.

bathroom selfie

And other than that hobby, I’m also looking for Evan Peters.

Oh, on a less pathological sociopathic note, a friend of mine – who I won’t identify because, well, some people would just rather NOT be identified as my friend – sent me this YouTube clip in which an actress talks about the terror of being in a Jason Robert Brown show. LOL. While his music is difficult to sing (and play) – she is kidding too, there is NO SINGING ACTOR OR ACTRESS who does NOT want to do JRB songs. He’s brilliant and his work, every piece, like a three act play with an arc and a story and a character and possibilities for interpretation and such incredible depth; love him. But this is still funny.

P.S. and on the theme of how amazing and lovely are musical theatre people: yesterday I wrote about how much I loved Lauren Kennedy’s “SONGS OF JASON ROBERT BROWN” cd and how I was listening to it obsessively after discovering it had not – after all – been lost in the flood here a year ago (although the booklet is DESTROYED) and how much I am enjoying music again and wailing along – and I Tweeted it. And don’t you know, Lauren Kennedy ((CLICK HERE FOR HER WEBSITE – what a wonderful and talented person)) favorited it! How sweet is that? ((CLICK HERE FOR HER TWITTER))

I’ll tell you how sweet – it’s musical theatre sweet, and musical theatre people are the best people in the world (Wait, I was NOT trying to reference FUNNY GIRL – but, there it is).

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