… you HAVE TO WATCH this … my dream come true …

DAMN! I have always thought life would be SOOOOOO MUCH BETTER if it were more like a musical. Well, I am a lazy ass idiot fool (once again) because some people thinking that go out and DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. There I was spending decades and all I had (on every level) on trying to keep musicals and the arts alive, I was left homeless, broke, sued, friendless, fucked up family, and alone – I should have just made a FUCKING VIDEO! Dammit.

This fellow named Morgan Reynolds went through the end of a relationship and in order to cope he went to “Funny Girl” – the decades I did this sort of thing in front of mirrors, various empty buildings in the middle of the night, and … well, I want this to be my life. He’s singing in front of the Eiffel Tower and Stonehenge … and P.S. – not to brag – but I could totally bring the ending home in Streisand-belt-asm.

Is that not phenomenal? If I believed in the possibility of romantic love I would bet that whoever dumped Morgan is feeling pretty darn silly now.


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