… sunday … love and labor …

I just spent a few hours sealing the driveway. Yes. I did. I’m going to forego the gym today. I feel like the driveway thing did it and I’ll do crunches and free weights here.

charlie seal 1 charlie seal 2 charlie seal 3

And in the “so much to talk about but not going to” category, I have done it again. And that’s all I can say, really. But here, I have fallen in love again. Look:

Beautiful, right? It’s Matt Doyle. He co-wrote it with Will Van Dyke. Follow him.  Them. God I wish I lived in New York and had money to hang at 54Below. But, okay, I don’t and look – we can see these things on line, so, blessing counted.  Thank you, by the way, Wes Taylor ((follow WesTayTay here on TWITTER – really – and help kickstart season two of “IT COULD BE WORSE” – best webseries EVER – you haven’t watched? Watch HERE! REALLY! CLICK!!))

Okay … here I am … going to wash the tar off of me and visit Bosie Merlo …

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