… bang bang … another bonnie and clyde …

I was a child when the Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway version of “Bonnie and Clyde” came out.  But I VIVIDLY recall the song playing on the radio and my fascination with the “look” of Faye Dunaway and collected articles and pictures from magazines (I wonder whatever happened to all those collections I had? There were also Patty Hearst boxes and – but I digress) and I started, then, entertaining fantasies of being a romantic outlaw at some point in my life.

Of course I was not allowed to see the film until many years later. I was riveted. I especially loved the slow motion death scene.

Because of that scene, I started eating pears. And there’s actual footage of the death car (and another song.)

And now there is a new version coming in December as a joint project of three networks. It will NEVER be as amazing as Beatty and Dunaway, but, I’ll be watching anyway. Here’s a clip:

And the fact they are using “BANG BANG” as theme gives me an artrection. I also loved Cher singing this song.

It makes me feel like the gayest man in the entire world just how much I love this video of her singing this song. What makes me feel like the WORST gay man in the world is that she’s coming to the Verizon Center April 4 and I am not going. And, I guess, it’s not so much that I’m not going – it’s that I’m feeling – god I hate to admit this – like I have in fact been brainwashed by the Hollywood myth of “In Love” and “Romance” and bullshit and I wish there was a man who loved me and knew that I would think it was really cool to go see Cher and he would surprise me with the tickets, take care of getting there, dinner, etc and there would be – you know – a part of my life – just a little while please – where I’m not the one having to do all the doing.

To be done for.

Hahaha, I just read that. I guess, in some ways, I am done for. Just not the way I was hoping. The most romantic thing anyone has said to me lately was, “Sebastian, you seem like someone who’s had his feelings hurt one too many times. I guess it’s good we’re just – never mind.” (Sebastian, in fact, doesn’t have feelings – he’s British and very reserved – and he was not EVEN BORN until YEARS after Beatty and Dunaway’s “Bonnie & Clyde” came out.) Oh well, eat a pear Charlie (Sebastian has probably never had a pear) and get ready for those hand gun lessons you’ll be taking from a Federally approved weapons expert.

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