… late night musings … after my late night walk/bike/exploration …

For me, the only failure is to give in to believing less than the best of someone; failure is failing to see their Light and Love. And, in the same vein, LOVE is when someone ALWAYS sees your LOVE and LIGHT, and does not require of you that you defend yourself from calumny and slander, because they KNOW your Love and Light, and see it, and so, do not FAIL you.

I am certainly NOT perfect at this. Not even close. And my BIGGEST failings have been with those who have believed LESS than the best of me, who have questioned or slandered my Love and Light; I have NOT been as diligent as I should have been in focusing on their Love and Light when that happened; and instead, let my disappointment and hurt get in the way.

Which is a failure. Human, but, still, for me, a failure.

I keep waiting for them to say “I’m sorry” – and this is silly. They are living in stories in which THEY are owed apologies; and I’m on no position to judge them, since I am doing the same thing from this end. So, I wonder, how to move on?

Conundrum. Dichotomy. Mystery.

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